Along the Natchez Trace

Friday, January 23, 2015

Back in Glen Rose, TX

I know, I should download both cameras which I've taken photos with since we were down in the Valley....  but....  I just haven't done that yet.  Who knows what I'll come up with?  I sure don't.

We stayed about 15 miles south of San Antonio last night...  in an RV park no less!  What can I say...  no Walmart?  Nope... we had electricity and didn't even use our Verizon WiFi internet.

Bill checked out the weather up in Marble Falls...  BAD.....  icy rain...  yukky weather.  Sooooo.... being the practical folks we are, we stayed at that RV park until 11:00 this morning before we headed north.  We had only 230 miles to go until we landed at our daughter's place outside of Glen Rose, TX, but leaving at 11:00 this morning and arriving "home" at 4:00 pm was a long day for us.  Again...  the weather wasn't the best.... rain....  but no sleet, no ice or snow....  just plain miserable weather.

I think we did good waiting out the bad stuff.....   and, of course, we take at least an hour or so for lunch....  a nice break is good for both us and our rig.  We have to start the car and run it for a few minutes every 200 miles.  Don't ask me why...  I can't remember...  but Bill could tell you.  There's something about leaving it in "Accessories" and in neutral ......  Shoot....  I have a lot to learn (I know, after 14 years on the road I should be an old hand at this).....  bur Bill takes good care of all that stuff.  
Now...  before you light into me about not knowing...  let me assure y'all that as much as I love our life, it is NOT something I'd do on my own...  so don't worry about me burning up something to a crisp if I were on my own... it just ain't gonna happen.

Okay...  let's move on....  Got to our daughters ...  got set up.  Our daughter/son-in-law put in a site several years ago... electric/water....  it's there.  Even had dinner with them tonight...

Got our mail... got caught up on family news.....  

Tomorrow I'll probably download whatever photos I've taken recently...  sounds like Celeste has a get-to-gather planned with some friends..... so I'll help with preparing the meal (my favorite thing to do)......  and yes....  the weather is still crappy.... but... we'll do fine.

That's All For Today!


  1. The wet weather moved out of the area and the sliver of the moon to west was really bright to night. Will be cool tonight but warm tomorrow. Glad you got to your daughter's place. I suppose the next stop will be home. I bet it will feel good to get back home.

  2. I never know how to pack for Texas this time of year. I also fly there thinking it will be warm and sometimes it's colder than Oregon.

  3. Nice that you are back home in Glen Rose, keep your selfs warm and enjoy your time there.

  4. I think we all need some warmth--while it is sunny in Arizona it has been COLD the last few days with a nasty wind and this morning as I sit here with my coffee I can see the neighbor's flag flying straight out--yep, windy again!

  5. I'm getting a little tired of this cold wind too, but at least it's not raining...or worse.

  6. Always enjoy your posts...when weather cards deal you a bad hand, you just find a different deck to play with!! :)