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Monday, May 9, 2016

Deja Vu All Over Again....

I think we bought this particular phone May 4, 2009.  We've had others and now Bill uses a different phone.  I kind of inherited this old one.  I'm not much of a phone person so Bill's always carried the phone that everyone calls us on.  These days I've been using this old phone more... it has tons of minutes built up and we may as well use them.  I'm not even sure what the phone number assigned to it is...  I call it my "Walmart" phone because when I can't find Bill in Walmart I just phone him and ask him where the heck he is.

The other day I wanted to take some photos of those morels in the produce department.  I'd left my Canon camera in the car so thought I'd try to figure out how to use the camera in the phone.  After sorting out the right side of the phone etc I did manage to take some fairly decent pictures.  When we got home later that day I found a cable that would fit the phone and hooked it up to my laptop so I could download my photos.

Lo and Behold!

There were photos on that phone back as far as 2009!
Photos taken in places from Maine to California!  Photos taken in Spain!  Photos taken in Mexico!  Photos of family, friends, and people I don't even remember!

Taken October 24, 2009
We were on an RV caravan tour of the coast of California.  My records tell me we were near Monterey... probably in the Big Sur area.  Who is this person?  I just don't know....

February 15, 2010  Sevilleta NWR    New Mexico
Sierra Club volunteers planting some of the 6,000 willows we planted that year. 

March 22, 2010 - Palomas, Mexico
Bill standing outside a woodworking shop...  Palomas is a border town where gringos get dental work done and buy their prescription drugs at a low cost.

March 22, 2010 - Pancho Villa State Park 
Columbus, NM
Bill standing beside the statue.

March 25, 2010 - Ozona, Texas
Our good friends, Paul and Kathleen Smith
We met these folks on our first trip to Mexico back in 2004 and have stayed in touch with them ever since.  Now and then our paths cross, as they did along this stretch of I 10 in Texas.

 April 1, 2010 - Flamingos
I think this is at the San Antonio Zoo in San Antonio, Texas

 June 27, 2010 - Aroostook NWR - Limestone, Maine
Yep... that's me chewing out some ATV offenders at the refuge.

 August 24, 2010 - Aroostook NWR - Limestone, Maine
Our daughter Donna and son-in-law Glenn came up for a visit.  They were heading out for a moonlight canoe ride.

September 13, 2010 - Tamarack, West Virginia
That's our friend, Edie Owens.  Edie had had a liver transplant a couple of years earlier and was on serious meds.  We picked her up at her home in Florida and brought her to Ohio in our motorhome with us for a high school class reunion.  Tamarack is a wonderful arts and crafts gallery at a roadside rest area in West Virginia.  Edie is still doing fine back in Florida.

October 12, 2010 - Glen Rose, Texas
Don't remember the occasion, but that's me and Celeste cooking up something delicious.

 December 30, 2010 - Glen Rose, Texas
Putting the new water tower in place...  We watched this progress for several days, ending with the crane setting the water tank way up there.  I took a whole series of photos with my Canon, but Bill took a few with his cell phone as well.

 April 3, 2011 - Setting sail on the Nieuw Amsterdam
On our way across the Atlantic Ocean from Ft Lauderdale, Florida to the Mediterranean Sea.

 April 16, 2011 - Somewhere in Portugal
Our friend Norma and me looking at flowers outside a winery.

April 18, 2011 - Barcelona, Spain
Gaudi's "Sagrada Familia" Cathedral

April 18, 2011 - Another view of the cathedral - a works in progress.  Construction began in 1882...  it's expected to be completed in 2026.

 May 15, 2011 - Our granddaughter's high school graduation
At the end of the ceremony the graduates released balloons into the sky.  I hope all their wishes are coming true.

 October 29, 2011 - Marietta, Ohio
That's my sister, Cynthia, and she's gonna kill me.  I TOLD her I didn't know how to use the camera on this phone!  The Lafayette Hotel in Marietta has a colorful history as it is located at the confluence of the Muskingham and Ohio Rivers.  This area was settled when it was still the Northwest Territory before it became a state.  

Like I wrote, I was really surprised to see these photos...  all for the first time.  Bill must have bought a new phone by 2012 because other than my morel mushroom pictures there were no photos taken after 2011.  Kind of fun to see these old photos and enjoy some memories of the past.

That's All For Today!


  1. Wonderful memories and thanks for sharing.

  2. Well I bet that sure was a surprise!

  3. Nice to come across pictures you have never seen before, great memories.

  4. What a wonderful find. I'll be you were astounded when the screen filled with pictures!

  5. Oh my gosh. What a treasure you found. Nothing like photos to take you back to so many great times. The photo of your daughter going out for a moonlight trip is great. I love the big moon in the background.

  6. How fun. All those good memories.

  7. How fun. All those good memories.

  8. What a surprise, for you to find those photos, so much later, some very beautiful ones also.

  9. Getting caught up on blogs...good memories from the past with those pictures.

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