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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A Funny Thing Happened at Walmart and Other Current Events....

Bill and I were at the local Walmart yesterday...  doing the usual...  getting prescriptions filled and trying to figure out where this store keeps the chips.  I wish I could remember exactly what was initially said, but this big guy, walking towards us began talking about RVing and then blogging.  I was so surprised when he told me he read my blog that it took me a few minutes to sort it all out.
Jack and Bill
Jack follows a lot of blogs and we "know" a lot of the same folks.  We both commented on how blogging seems to have declined lately.  We lamented the passing and poor health of some of the people we know through their blogs and how a few quit blogging when they stopped traveling.
I asked Jack how he found my blog...  I think through someone else's blog... he came across a photo that I'd posted as we were crossing the Ohio River.  He recognized the bridge and sign... kept reading and realized we were heading for Athens.  He lives about 10 miles from us and travels in his 5th wheel.  I hope we get to talk more later.  But...  it just blew me away to meet someone who reads my blog...  I felt like a celebrity!  

Speaking of the Ohio River, Bill & I drove down to Pomeroy, Ohio a few days ago.  Bill is interested in buying a power wagon (more on that in a future post) and since the place that sells them is close to Pomeroy, I wanted to have lunch at the Wild Horse Restaurant, which overlooks the river.
 Watching a barge being pushed down river....  
There wasn't much river traffic that day, but we enjoyed seeing what went by.

We were the only folks sitting out on the dining patio.  When temperatures are in the 90's most folks sit inside in air conditioned rooms.  It is quite hot here now, but still, the view was worth it.

I took this photo over a week ago, but I'm including it anyway...
Bill's sister, Alberta, flew in from New Mexico for the big party.  We took one afternoon to show her around the Ohio University campus.  The campus green is really lovely.  Memorial Auditorium is where events are put on...  and have been for years.  On the wall of one of the entrances are plaques telling about some of the speakers...  when they spoke and a bit about their lives.  (Teddy Roosevelt spoke here in 1905...  JFK in 1959)....  Two speakers I remember listening to were Eleanor Roosevelt in 1954 and Dag Hammarskjold in 1958.  I loved attending events at Mem Aud...  saw my first ballet, heard the US Marine Band and much, much more!

And...  another event...
My son, Dan's 54th birthday!
That's his girlfriend, Yvonne, snapping a picture on the right.  My daughter, Donna and husband Glenn were still here from the party, so it was really a good celebration!

Now...  for the wildlife photos...

While we've heard turkeys a lot, Bill spotted this hen and several poults in our back field.  I wasn't quick enough to get a shot of the young'uns, Mom is herding them off into the woods.

And from our motorhome window...
 The buck's antlers are growing into a very nice rack.  We have at least 3 bucks and a couple of does who hang out closeby.  

The "Daddy" bluebird....  
He's a parent to the two fledglings on my header.  I think so far he and the missus have raised two families this summer.  

We have another month here in Ohio.  It is really hot and humid, but Bill has one more eye appointment in Columbus and while the work on the 2 rentals is almost finished, Bill's still painting the outside of one barn house.  
He's planning to rent a lift so he can get the really high places.

So, Jack, thanks for stopping to talk in Walmart....  kind of gave me the incentive to stick with it despite the "ho-hum" life we live this summer.

That's All For Today!


  1. It's always quite surprising when a total stranger recognizes you because of your blog.

  2. It does feel funny when strangers walk up to you that have been following out Blogs, and nice to actually meet some of these people face to face.
    Looks like you are still keeping busy there and keep cool.

  3. I think about my blog often, but just can't seem to get going with it again. I have many blogging friends, but only met a few in person.

  4. I am glad I took the time to drive up and visit with you two when you were in Texas. Meeting you two was well worth the drive. Yes, it is nice to meet other bloggers, for sure.

  5. Excuse my ignorance, but what is a power wagon?
    You have a 54 year old. My goodness girlfriend, you two don't look that old!

  6. Sharon, I'd know you in a flash. Love the bluebird, and wish I had them. Our "new" birds all are sparrows and robins, but they're birds, too.

  7. I hope I am not being presumptuous by commenting on the power wagon...and you didn't identify on which power wagon he is interested. BUT...if I may, I want to advise you not to purchase a DR power wagon. That was my Xmas gift this year, and after two visiting engineers (sons) and resident engineer (spouse) trying to get it working, plus four phone calls to sympathetic DR help shops AND later, after a trip to our local DR dealer for a fix. we finally had something that worked. Then I tried it out on our gently rolling hilly land. If I didn't put anything in the DR PW, it would have been able to climb our slight hill. If I put clippings and a bag of mulch in it, the power wagon would barely climb the hill. We called DR again and a helpful person in the returns department sent the return instructions and pre-paid authorization. Soooo...we packed it up in the same huge shipping box and returned it for a full refund. Please do not purchase this equipment unless you want to be the frustrated owner of an almost useless power wagon.

    My advice.

  8. WOW -how amazing that recognition can come from a blog reader like that. I love the blogging world. I love the connections that are made.

  9. One of the joys of blogging is getting to meet other bloggers in person. You already know you like them so it really like catching up with old friends.

  10. Your son is handsome and that's a great photo with the candle blow out! You've been in one spot a long time. Are you itching to hit the road again?

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