Along the Natchez Trace

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The Rest of The Story... The Power Wagon, the Man-Lift and more....

I said that I'd report back on the Power Wagon.  It was delivered last evening.  Even though the driver got lost getting here (what's wrong with following directions?), he made it, unloaded it out at the road and off he went back to the shop.  It was too late for Bill to do more than park it in the shed, but after running some errands this morning, he was ready to go out and give it a go...

 It can be bought with either a big "Rubbermaid-type" wheelbarrow bed, or the wooden bed, which you can see is what Bill chose.  

Off he goes....  walking it up the driveway to the hillside that he has been steadily cutting back.  He uses a shovel, digging and piling the dirt into his wheelbarrow...  load after load.  He still uses the shovel, but this trip he piled in into the bed of his new toy.

 That's a lot of dirt...  especially heavy since that hillside is always damp.  After loading it he just walked the wagon right down the driveway.

 And...  look here!  The dump bed just lifts up and deposits the load where he wants it.
I took this photo from a window in our rig....  those papers in the right corner were on the back of the couch.  It's basically a motorized wheel-barrow...  you walk behind it.

Bill is very pleased with the Power Wagon's performance.  It has 4 speeds and he said he hasn't even got it up to the highest yet.  It also has reverse, which is quite handy, too.

You may remember that I got a comment from Emjay, who bought one a couple of years ago and it just didn't have enough power to do what she needed done.  I don't have the answer to why this one is so different, but it looks like a real labor-saver for Bill and I think he'll be happy with it.

The Man-Lift will be picked up tomorrow...
Bill finished painting the barn house, and even replaced some boards along the edge that were deteriorating.  He's painted this building several times in the past...  always using a series of ladders and such.  Renting the Man-Lift made this job so much easier...  and safer.

While he has it, he also did some tree trimming over the driveway and around the site where we park our motorhome.  

The new renter moved into the barn house on Monday...  I finally got around to taking some photos of the finished apartment...  but Steve had already moved in a lot of his stuff...
We painted all the cabinets, some walls, put in a new sink and counter-top in the bathroom, replaced several blinds, took out the old sliding door and put in one that has blinds between the panes, repaired a lot of stuff...  bought a new refrigerator, washer, dryer and microwave.  The kitchen range was bought a year or so ago and just needed cleaning.  In the upper right photo you can see the skylight.  Steve is a musician who works nights...  Bill figured out how to put a covering over the skylight that will block out daylight, but can be retracted when he wants light.  All in all the place came out looking very good.  I had a hummingbird feeder right outside the kitchen window...  told Steve I'd take it down...  but he said no, he'd never had a hummingbird feeder and enjoyed seeing the little guys.  I will continue to clean and fill it...  it's kind of nice having someone else enjoy the birds, too.

One more photo...  remember a couple of months ago when we had 5 black snakes appear within 24 hours?  Well, we hadn't seen any since.  We were sitting in the motorhome having lunch a couple of  days ago... I looked out and...
This big guy had climbed up the side of the shed and when I first saw him, he was laying across the top white board.  Yes, that is a bluebird box on the post, but it hasn't been used this year...  I wonder what attracted him to the box?  I waited until he was on his way down, grabbed him and we hauled him down the road to some new territory.  Got to thinking later...  it's said that black snakes keep away copperheads.....  maybe I shouldn't be so hasty in relocating these guys.

I do like my birds though...  maybe Bill will just make better predator guards on the houses he puts up.  Not going to worry about it this summer.

I was asked if I'm getting itchy feet.  Well, we have been here 4 months and that's a long time.  But the way my mind works...  if I go into something expecting it to last "x" time, then I'm okay.  That could be 2 weeks, 2 months or whatever.  It's like I'm psyched for that time.  But whatever time that might be, I start getting antsy a few days or a week before we leave.  When I'm ready, I'm ready!

I know, not a particularly exciting post...  but Bill sure has done remarkable things here this summer and believe me, his work is appreciated.  And my blog is also my journal.

That's All For Today!


  1. That Power Wagon looks nice. When you first mentioned it I thought you two were out looking for one of the old Dodge 4x4 Power Wagon pick-ups!

  2. I like that power wagon and Bill has done an amazing job working around there looks like a first class place even more now !

  3. We bought our Power Wagon in 1990, and used it frequently through 2014, when we sold the house. Most of our use was to transport cut logs to our house from the surrounding forest. If your property includes steep slopes, the Power Wagon may slip its tires and dig into the ground trying to get a load uphill. If this happens, buy some 1" or 1.5" square wire mesh 4 to 5 feet wide, and secure it to the problem slope using large tent stakes that can be pounded level. This will gain the Power Wagon several more degrees of slope that it can climb successfully. Hope you enjoy as successful use of the PW as much as we did.

  4. That's a cool machine! My blog is also my journal and I love that it's searchable.

  5. I sure could have used that "Power Wagon" a number of years ago when I manually built a 5ft high by 70ft long rock wall in my back yard. It took me two years to collect the field stones, haul 25 3/4 ton pickup load of them along with over 30 loads of dirt away. All done with a pick and shovel and a lot of sweat. I enjoy hard manual labor since I worked behind a desk for most of my career and the labor was my outlet.

    The man lift is a great idea also for a job that size. Sure beats going up and down a ladder all day at our age. Great job you two.

    Now go and get some rest.

  6. Sure wish our Power Wagon had performed as this one is right now. Ours wouldn't even climb a low hill even after we finally got it started (with a lot of mechanical help). I'm glad this one works!

  7. I definitely could have used that wagon at our other house.
    Paul has hitch itch badly, but that is because he just had knee replacement and can't do all the things he wants.

  8. I like Bill's toys. And that is a beautiful black snake (if that is what it is).

  9. Wow, love that power wagon. And the man lift too. I need a woman lift and chain saw to pare down the maple before autumn storms tear down more branches. He looks happy as a clam with both the power wagon and up on the man lift. That barn apartment is beautiful. You two do good work.

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