Along the Natchez Trace

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Typical Texas Times...

We've been here in Texas (about 50 miles south of Ft Worth) a week now, and it's "normal" weather for this time of year...
The weather station we have in our motorhome records the temperature etc. from the outside sensor.  You can see that we're still having a heat wave here.  It also shows the temp. in our rig...  We seldom use the AC...  just use our vent fans....  and yes, it's 98 degrees inside as I'm sitting here typing this.  
I think the hurricane off the coast of Mexico will eventually bring us some rain and cooler temperatures.  The cooler temps we can use, but the ground still has muddy spots from the rain last week.

I finally got the windows cleaned in the rig.  Sure made a difference in how clearly I can see the critters outside....

Looks like 2 young bucks grazing....  and Celeste's 2 chickens in the foreground.  There are lots of jackrabbits out there, but I'm still trying to get a good photo of one.

We have the Tufted Titmouse in Ohio, but in this part of Texas we have the Black-crested Titmouse.  Not a very good picture of this one, but still identifiable.

Bill spent several days hooking up the new ice machine.  Somehow I didn't get any photos of all the pipes running in and out of the backside of it.  It's like one you'd see in a hotel...  about 6' or more tall, about 3' wide and 3' deep.  It has the capacity to hold 75 pounds of ice, and with the construction workers loading their ice chests each morning before they head out to the site, it should be able to keep up even in this heat.
The pipes feeding water into the machine and the drain pipe relieving excess water had a ton of fittings to make it all work, but then it all had to be tied into the water lines.  That box at the lower right holds the main valves and fittings for the shop and shed's water.  The new ditch was dug to tie in the water machine's water line and drain line.  Of course it required several trips to Home Depot or Lowe's for various parts, but it's up and running now.

There's so much going on here, what with Victor's company still based here for now, that it's nothing to see back hoe's, Bobcats, end loaders or dump trucks going past our rig...  either loaded on back of a trailer or motivating on their own.  A few of the men work 4 ten hour days and some work 8 hour days, so there's always some activity here.  I know Celeste will be glad when the new office is built and everything moves to the new location.

In Texas, a person has to have a physical every 2 years to retain their CDL.  (Commerical Driver's License).  Your family doctor can't sign off on your health, you have to go to a place that's registered to do such a thing.  This morning Bill went Granbury, to the Avalon Urgent Care center to get his physical.  Bill said they did a very thorough physical...  but no lab work.  It cost $85 but is mandatory to stay licensed.  We have our appointments to see our family doctor for our annual physicals... getting the lab work done tomorrow.  But that is necessary to get our prescriptions renewed for another year.  I know, we could get our meds in Mexico without having a prescription, but we both feel that the physical/lab work lets us know we're taking the right dosage.

Tomorrow, after we get the lab work done (7:45 am), we're driving up to Ft Worth.  There's a Trader Joe's I like, a Barnes & Noble...  and....  Oh Yes!  an In'N Out hamburger place....   can't pass up a greasy double/double!  

That's All For Today!


  1. That makes our 89 seem cool, but still have nealry 100% humidity:)

  2. The humidity down this way is what makes the temperatures feel even hotter. They told me when I moved here that the humidity would help my complexion. I wouldn't know, the beard and long hair hides most of my face.

  3. It was pretty close to that temperature here yesterday.
    Bill always has a project to keep himself busy from the looks of things.
    Enjoy you In N Out burger

  4. Last night we saw on the news where we normally have 8 days over 90. This year we have had 17. What a summer for Ohio.

    I never thought I would see the day when In'N Out would move beyond AZ. We love those burgers.

  5. That's hot, Sharon. I keep the air at 80 to combat all the 90 degree weather. Almost thirty days in the nineties, this year.

  6. Yep, that's why I went to the dentist in the US--when I get to Mexico I will know exactly what is needed!

  7. I go in once a year too, so I can keep my one prescription, but now I have no doctor, mine having quit, and still trying to find one that takes my insurance. You must not mind the heat so much to sit inside when its 98 degrees and not flip the switch to the AC on. I salute you!

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