Along the Natchez Trace

Sunday, June 8, 2014

24 Hours of Game Camera Highlights....

I have 4 game cameras placed in various spots on the refuge - locations I think may be high traffic areas....  critter traffic.  One area in particular has always been a prime site.  I had some problems with that camera last week and think maybe we forgot to keep the settings at 3 photos per "sensor".   I changed out memory cards around 5:30 am yesterday morning.  Here's what it caught in a 24 hour period....

First, at 6:37 am, a porcupine ambles along...
He's probably heading home after a night of carousing.

 The next activity came along at 9:03 am...
A lone black bear, crossing out of the woods into a field.

At 1:43 pm, this Bull Moose crosses the road in the opposite direction.
You can see his antlers are starting to grow into the massive rack he'll have by fall.  Notice too that his coat looks better...  he's shed that winter coat and sporting his summer attire.

At 3:06 pm. a second Black Bear emerges from the woods...
 We've been seeing lots of bears this summer.  Once I counted 11 sightings, but I'm sure I saw the same bears more than once that day.

Evening arrived...  then night....  at 11:39 pm another moose was caught on camera....
I can't see antlers sprouting...  it's probably a cow...

 The parade continues....  at 3:05 am another Black Bear strolls by...
The game camera does not pick up color at night....  but I'll take even the grainy photos that it shoots...

Oh No!  What's This....  at 6:12 am this morning...
Yep!  Not too long out of the shower, wet hair and all....  I'm out checking my cameras.  I should remember to plaster a big smile on my face as I approach the cameras....  oh well... I think I'm concentrating on which keys to use to unlock the steel box and cable.  

You can tell I really enjoy those camera - seeing what's around us - especially capturing images of what we aren't there to see - makes me appreciate refuges such as this.

Yesterday was the Northern Maine Birding Festival...  I took loads of photos and hope to get them processed for a blog tomorrow.  It was fantastic!  Birding tours, bird banding, a goshawk booth and an hour long presentation about owls, including 3 live species.  Along with blue-bird box building, making things to feed the birds, lots of inside informational booths and a raffle with great prizes.

More about that tomorrow....

That's All For Today!


  1. Looks like you put that camera right next to the Interstate! Are those your cameras, or does the refuge provide them?

  2. The photos are amazing. How exciting. And that last one! I don't think I've ever seen a blue-rumped Swallace in the wild. (I was going to say a blue-breasted Swallace, but decided that wouldn't be polite.)

  3. So glad you put up the cameras. The pictures are wonderful.

  4. Your live captures are wonderful. My word, those bears are big!

  5. Wow!! That game camera got some great shots, including the one of you. Always enjoy your wildlife pictures and am waiting to see the birds tomorrow. By the way, I posted about the painted bunting on my blog this morning. We have a pair of them visiting our feeder. Feel blessed that they chose to visit me.

  6. We finally saw a bear the other day...not like Aroostook!!!

  7. Those are fabulous photos, like being caught in the act! I need one to catch in the act some human animals, intent on no good.

  8. Excellent wildlife photos, especially like th last one, even without a smile.

  9. Love those "game camera" shots! You see all sorts of cool animals - even two legged ones! LOL. Can't wait to see your bird festival photos!