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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Bill & Norma... This one's for you!

Several winters over the past 12 years or so, Bill & I have wintered in Mexico.  We've traveled the Baja....  we've headed down through Nogales and enjoyed the beaches all the way down to Puerta Vallarta.....  and we've headed down through Los Indios and traveled down to Veracruz.  We've taken side trips to El Tejin to see those courageous (or ????) men who drop off a pole 150' high and twirl on a rope by one leg down to the earth.  We've climbed ruins that are hundreds or thousand of years old.  We've traveled over the mountains to see the monarch butterflies where they winter...  and to San Migel...  and saw the Dance of the Old Men.  We've spent some time in Pueblo...  tasting mole and other regional dishes.  We've had the opportunity to see and hear many, many Mexican birds...  ones we'd never see in the USA.

Most of these travels we were not alone.  Our good friends, Bill & Norma Emerick traveled with us.  I have hundreds (probably thousands) of photos of these travels and every now and then I'll get out some of those old CDs that I've burned and relive some of those memories.

Some of our "habits" have changed and for various reasons we've not wintered in Mexico lately.  Bill & I have ventured abroad more and the Emericks have wintered in Arizona.

Last week Bill & I were in the local H.E.B. - that wonderful Texas-based grocery store that is sort of the Neiman-Marcus of grocery stores.  We came across a display of Noche Buena  cerveza.
This is a beer that is brewed by the Tecate brewery in Mexico.  It's only sold during the holiday season.

Well, in 2007, we were in Mexico with the Emericks and we found that we could take a tour of the Tecate brewery that is located in Navajoa, which is located in the state of Sonora (south of Guaymas on Rt 15).  Of course we wanted to do that...  so off we went...

 The brewery is easy to see from the highway...  where else do you see beer cans this big?  Actually, these tanks are painted to depict the various beer that are brewed here.
 This place was beautifully landscaped.  We had no idea that the standards would be equal (or above) OSHA or other USA regulations.
(We did learn that Coors had either bought or bought into the Tecate company...  maybe that explains some of the regs?)
 In fact, I ran into trouble just walking into the place.  I had on sandals.  Nope... can't take a tour of the brewery in open-toed shoes.  So...  what did they do?  They brought me out this pair of industrial strength brogans to wear so that I could take the tour!
May not be particularly stylish, but what the heck did I care?
I didn't have to sit in the bar and drink while waiting on everyone to take the tour!

 Our tour guide spoke English...  but he was really proud that he could also speak French.  He kept hoping that at least someone in our group was French so he could demonstrate his linguistic abilities.  No one was French, but we were just glad he spoke English...  and he did a fine job of that!

 At the end of the tour we were all taken to the hospitality room.  
That's Norma and Bill Emerick, then me, then my husband Bill.  There we could have as many beers...  and as many different kinds of beers that they brew...  as we wanted.  These happen to be "Indio"....  apparently I never got around to taking a picture of us all enjoying our Noche Buena....  which we did, indeed enjoy.
Noche Buena is a seasonal beer....  only sold during the Christmas season.  

I seem to remember that I was the designated driver...  barely took a taste of the various brews.  Oh well...  someone has to do it!

So...  here we are nearly 6 years later....

We're in Texas, getting our annual medical stuff done before heading off to Spain.
Our friends, the Emericks are enjoying 4-wheeling and other activities in Arizona.
Right now our friendship may be long distance...
Best Wishes Bill & Norma!  This one's for you!

That's All For Today!


  1. Have you blogged about the trip to see the monarchs? If so, I'd love to hear about it!

  2. How nice that you have friends to go on these adventures with...both your Bill and Bill & Norma. I'm envious.

  3. I may have to give that beer a try. I love Tecate with lime! Glad they found shoes for you.

  4. Wow! Merry Christmas and have a blast in Spain!

  5. Have a very Merry Christmas - and I wish you fun travels in Spain as well.