Along the Natchez Trace

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Saturday Evening and PHC

It's kind of quiet here....  Saturday night...  just me and Bill here in our rig...  listening to Prairie Home Companion.  To us, this is a great way to spend Saturday night.

My birthday was a couple of days ago.  I was born the Saturday night before Pearl Harbor was hit...  you do the math....  It may have been St Nicholas Day, but I guess if any of you are a "certain age" you'll only think of Pearl Harbor.
My daughter made me this cozy shawl...
I just don't do well in photos, but that's me,
on my 71st birthday.

I'm having trouble typing this evening.  
I bought this great gadget...
Have you ever used a Mandolin?
No, not a musical instrument...  but a slicer!
It's a great gadget...  used to slice fruits and veggies into uniform slices...  
Wonderful for making your own sweet potato chips...
And a way to quickly slice all manner of things...

Including your finger if you neglect to use the safety guard.

I won't include a photo of my middle finger...
May seem too much like I'm flipping y'all the bird...
I'm so aggravated with myself because a half second before I cut the heck out of my finger I thought...
"hmmm.. one more slice and I better use the guard".

too late....  

So tonight Bill did the dishes...  
No dipping that mangled finger in dish water tonight.
And it's hard to type.

Bill has been the most wonderful caregiver though my recent bladder repair.  I could never have asked for any better!
Now he had to bandage my hand... 
even do the dishes as well.

Sometimes I feel like such a wimp!

It's been over 2 weeks since that surgery and finally today I was up to walking around.  Not the 10,000 steps I would have liked, but probably more than a mile.  


It's so good to be back outside and feeling like a human being again!

Lots of butterflies...
This Red Admiral was among the many I saw....

Seems kinda strange for this ole Buckeye (me) to be seeing butterflies in December...  but...  when in Texas, one just enjoys what's in Texas.

Bill spent most of the day getting Celeste's Christmas decorations out of storage and assembling and putting out stuff.

We don't usually go in town on the weekends...
too much traffic and all...

Kinda feel like I'm all over the board with this evening's blog, but it's just been one of those kind of days...

That's All For Today!


  1. Jim just hates it when he sees me pick up a knife cause he knows it's going to be a disaster. Never have tried a mandolin but the guard will be on if we get one. Hard to believe you're up and doing so good after only two weeks. But that's really exciting. Jim's getting stronger every day also so we've been trying to walk more and more.

  2. Happy belated birthday to you. My granddaughter is eleven today. She's so excited! I talked to my cousin in Texas tonight for over an hour and never thought to ask her about the weather. I always smile to think of her children hoping for a Blue Norther for Christmas.

  3. You look like you've lost a little weight. I hope that's just temporary. I love Prairie Home Companion but keep forgetting to turn the radio on when Saturday evening rolls around. I agree it's a lovely way to spend an evening. I've never seen his show but I have seen Garrison Keillor around town on occasion. He always seems like he's lost in thought. (I actually blogged about him back in February.)

  4. A very happy birthday to you!! Your shawl is love and will go with anything that you're wearing!!

  5. Sorry to be late with birthday greetings! And, thanks for not showing me your finger. *urp*

  6. As soon as I saw that Mandolin I had a bad feeling. Those things scare me. We don't have one. I'd sooner go at things with a knife, and keep my fingertips scrunched up out of harms way. Still got all ten of them.

    Happy Belated Birthday! Keep that digit elevated, it won't throb as much.

  7. Ouch! Sorry about cutting yourself. Have never used one of those cutters - maybe I better not! Nice Butterfly too!

  8. This was a great post! You would never get me within a foot of that mandolin! With sharp objects, I'm an accident waiting to happen and, unlike Bill, San Geraldo can't stomach the sight of blood. He'd throw a box of Band-Aids at me and run away. Hope the finger heals quickly.

    I'm amazed by your immediate progress to walking a mile! Your recovery will I'm sure be swift now. Take good care and be careful!

  9. Happy Birthday even if I'm a day or so late and a dollar short!! Nice shawl!

  10. Happy Belated Birthday! I hope your finger mends as quickly as your body seems to be doing after surgery. Take it slow and easy until your completely healed

  11. Happy Birthday!
    Your shaw is beautiful. Your daughter does lovely handwork. What a thoughtful gift.
    You look wonderful - hope you are in tiptop shape soon.