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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Just Call Me Imeda

Baby Mama Sharon Needs a New Pair of Shoes

Bill's theory on life is if you get something new, you get rid of the old.  Also, he seems to think that you actually NEED something before you'd consider buying it.
Silly Man!

I will readily admit that I carry around way more pairs of shoes than I need.  I mean, I can wear only one pair at a time...  what's the big deal?  But I wear sandals, sneakers, work shoes, dress shoes, boots, slippers...  you get the picture.  Okay... so I have a few pairs of sandals... I wouldn't wear those strappy leather ones along the beach... I need those rubber Tevas.  My steel-toed boots come in handy at times.  And I'm not going to get my sneakers all wet filling the bird feeders in the early morning, but those Crocs sure are handy.

My trusty "everyday" shoes have been gradually wearing out.  The soles are so thin that I swear I can feel a grain of sand under my feet while walking.  The heels are worn down...  the uppers have come away from the soles allowing gallons of water to flow in when it's wet.
They have hundreds... probably thousands... of miles on them. 
My feet tell me it's time to replace them.

Off to Tractor Supply...  What?  You don't shop at a farm supply store for your shoes?  Hey...  they have good stuff!  The jeans aren't designer jeans...  neither are the shirts...  unless you call "John Deere" blazed across your chest stylish.
Yep!  I got me a new pair of shoes!
These puppies are everything I need...  they're even manure resistant.  ( I did NOT make that up...  it says so right on the hangtag).  Waterproof, durable and sturdy.  Great for geocaching, hiking, and I suppose even housecleaning or doing the dishes.  

I got high tops this time...  good for walking through brush...  or cactus.  Handy if snakes are around.
I started grade school in a little country school.  All the little girls wore high-top brown leather shoes.  Nobody thought anything about it...  but we moved to a "city" school when I was in 2nd grade.  My hightop shoes were definitely country bumpkin.  I swore way back then that I'd never wear brown high tops again in my life...  Well...  here I am...  back to brown high tops...  and I love them.

So, call me Imelda...  or call me whatever you like... I'm thinking that maybe those old worn out shoes might be good for something...  maybe I should hang on to them a while longer....

But meanwhile...
These Boots Were Made For Walking...
And I it's time to head outside and get the day started.

That's All For Today!


  1. You know, I have a cowboy who thinks just like Bill--men, what do they know???

  2. You never know when you might need some kicks that are manure resistant!

  3. I love the reference to Imelda. I'm really getting into the comfort and purpose as opposed to style and beauty (lots of style can be done without anyway). This is a fun blog and the photos are great.

  4. HaHa! I love your new boots. They look very comfy and durable.

  5. Them are some good-looking boots!! I find that when I wear my "work/hiking boots" practically every day of the year they just don't last that long!

  6. Those old ones are at the point where I then wear them out in the garden or to cut the grass. Then they can get all green or crappy looking and I won't care. I have two or three pairs of steel toed boots left over from my working days that I wear for grass cutting. But that's it. Wouldn't wear them to a dog fight.
    When our oldest bought her house, she was so thrilled to have a walk-in closet for her shoes. She does *have a few*. The theory is, if you see a pair and keep thinking about them for two or three days, you have to buy them.
    But I'm with Bill when it comes to footwear. No extras hanging around.

  7. You did need them. Too bad they didn't come in red or yellow.

  8. Maybe that's why I don't like to do much hiking ... ugly old boot things... that would make me feel claustrophobic with those heavy ol lace up things... but then I'm fat and out of shape and well... it's due to the boots... if it ain't reachable with flip flops... no need for me to go any farther.

    hahaaa Imelda ... bet she didn't have hiking boots

  9. I too have the same policy, if you buy a new one need to get rid of the old one. My husband use to tell let it be for emergency and we have lot of shoes and sandals sleeping in shoe stand.

    Your boots looks beautiful.

  10. Manure-proof hightops? More power to yah, gal!

  11. Wow, now that's practical, when you can wear your shoes through a pile of poo without affecting you!

  12. I have lots of shoes for different purposes too and put them all to good use. It's one thing I don't skimp on and probably the only thing I have a variety of. Your feet take you everywhere so take good care of them!