Along the Natchez Trace

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

What A Difference A Day Makes....

Here is a photo I took of our place yesterday...
 Our Lazy Daze and Scion
Parked on our "site" on our farm near Athens, Ohio
Look at the contrast of the fall colors of the birch and the pine trees.  The leaves are almost gone from the birch...  looks like autumn is almost over.

This morning we woke to this.... 
I heard rain during the night, but the temps dropped.....  and the rain turned to snow.  I think it was around 6:30 am when I took this picture...  now the sun is shining and when the temps raise a little the snow will be gone.

 My swing...  nestled under the arbor of Trumpet Creeper
No bright red flowers now...  no hummingbirds either.  It will be nearly 6 months before they return.

Looking behind our rig....
The snow is beautiful, but we're not used to the cold.

So, what the heck are we still doing in Ohio in November?  Well, plans tend to get changed...  or maybe just rearranged....  but this seems to be our year to have rental problems.  We stayed in NM a few weeks longer than we intended because of our rental house there.  Arrived at our place here in Ohio only to find that one of our tenants was leaving.  Since it's the first time we've been here at the same time the place would be vacant, we decided to make some major renovations while we have the chance.

Blue Jay....  trying to decide if he wants to approach the bird feeder.

Yesterday was Veteran's Day, and for only a few days Lowe's offered 10% off of all purchases to veterans.  We were able to buy all the plywood, subfloor, and new flooring...  and saved enough money to buy a new kitchen range.  We don't know how much we can get done before we have to leave for Texas, but we do have some other options in mind.

In other blogs I've read about others who are "absentee landlords" and the problems they have, but I will say that for us, the rentals have been a good thing.  We retired at age 55 with no retirement kicking in for several years.  Our rentals have continued to make life on the road... or abroad... financially possible.  It's been well over 15 years since we retired, and while we never intended to be back in Ohio when the snow flies, it's really a small inconvenience in the total picture.

The big problem for us is that our flight to Costa Rica is December 15th...  and it flies out of Dallas/Ft Worth.  We both need prescriptions refilled before leaving the USA for 3 months.  Our doctor is in Texas...  just figuring out the logistics of getting everything done has been like fitting together a jigsaw puzzle.  Of course it will all work out okay...  we'll do what we can here, leave the rest to our rental manager and our very competent contractor, leave Ohio in time to see our doctor in Texas, and leave our motorhome at our daughter's place while we're in Costa Rica.  See...  I told you it would work!

So...  next week we hope to be heading to Texas...
Fly Away beautiful bluejay.....  

And start another adventure....

One last thing...  a couple of weeks ago I included a photo of a sweater I'd made for our great-granddaughter...
I got this photo of Evie yesterday in my e-mail....
She's a beautiful little girl...  and it looks like the sweater fit okay.

That's All For Today!


  1. I made some of the comments about your handiwork and I'm thrilled to see Evie putting her gifts to good use. She doesn't know the importance of these now; they're just 'clothes' but when she sees these photos years from now, she'll know a little better how much she was loved. I have an afghan my mom knitted, in colors I couldn't tolerate at the time I received the gift. I put it in a closet. Shame. Now I'm carrying that same afghan in my RV with pride and knowledge of how much she loved me.
    As for plans, I always remember the saying / joke about telling God what your plans are. Hah! It's not the plans that are so important in my life; but, how I respond to the necessary alterations in them. Enjoy the white dusting for now and surge ahead with preparations for your next adventure.
    By the way, I am an absentee landlord and, you know, I hardly think about the tenants or the house! Hmmm.

  2. Beautiful sweater. Beautiful granddaughter. Snow? No comment!

  3. I hope the weather calms for you next week as you make your way south. I only like snow in pictures. ;)

  4. Nice sweater. The snow? Not so much. But, that's only a dusting. It missed us here. I think we're somewhat protected by the lake. Farther north though, they got some. Can't say I'm looking forward to it, but at least I don't have to fret about "snow days" and whether or not I have to go in to work.

  5. You got some mind-boggling logistics to solve. So you will be staying in Coast Rica again. Good for you!

  6. It's a sweater day everywhere. Here in NE Ohio it's not melting, at least not until tomorrow. So pleased to hear you have good friends in your contractor and rental manager. It's like taking peace of mind with you. But, if you're not leaving until next week Bill may have the job completed.

  7. Please keep that white stuff up your way!! and the cold, too.

  8. Brrrr...don't like that white stuff anymore! Used to love it. Your great granddaughter looks so adorable in her hat and sweater. Beautiful work.

  9. Beautiful Sweater, very nice!!

  10. Sounds like you've got a busy month ahead!! Good luck!

  11. The sweater and hat are adorable--of course the model has a lot to do with that. Even with everything you have going on it your life, it sounds like you've got it all under control!

  12. I have to admit that I complain sometimes about our rental in San Antonio, but it really hasn't been a problem. Good tenant for more than three years with a commit to stay another two. We have done some updates each year to keep it in shape. Once we sell our house we want to have two more closer to home, maybe McAllen, Tx.

    You could post a pic of your Lazy Daze everyday. It is a good lookin' rig. Snuggle up in the cold!

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