Along the Natchez Trace

Monday, December 8, 2014

Back In Texas

We didn't have internet at all on the Mexican Riviera cruise....  didn't make much difference to us as either Bill or I ... or both...  were sick for 4 days of that trip.  We stopped in Puerta Vallarta first...  a place we'd been before and neither of us really care for.  But we got off the ship and wandered around the shopping areas, restaurants and finally took a short walk to the nearby Walmart.

I'd include some photos but I'm back on my "home" computer and all the photos are on the little Toshiba, which I've come to dislike immensely.  I have a big job ahead of me just getting files transferred, CDs burned of photos and the like.

Anyway, the day after PV, we docked in Mazatlan.  Another city we've been and don't care much for.  But by now Bill is sick....  intestinal virus?  probably that thing they call the Cruise Disease or something like that.  He's sleeping all day...  I try to keep plenty of liquids nearby but he not only doesn't have an appetite, he really doesn't want anything at all.  

The next day we're at Cabo San Lucas...  it's one of those places you tender in...  that means you get off the ship which is moored in the bay, into a lifeboat and it takes you to the dock.  This is the last stop on this cruise, and it's another place we've been there/done that.  Bill's still sick all day.

Come Friday, it's a day at sea.  Bill is feeling better and heads off to the genealogy workshops... the real reason we're on this cruise anyway.   I stay in the room...  I've got that bug and feel awful.  I sleep all day and Bill checks in on me when on break from the workshops.  The ship docks in Los Angeles Saturday morning and I have visions of being held in quarantine and not being allowed back in the USA...  I say a prayer or two that by Saturday morning I'll be able to walk off the ship.

Saturday morning rolls around...  I'm tired but don't have a fever or any intestinal problems.  The cell phone rings real early...  it's our daughter in NY.   This is the first time that phone has been used in 6 weeks!  I might mention here that today is my birthday....  and I think of what a unique (a little sarcasm here) way I'll be spending it.  Our flight out of LA leaves at 11:20 so we're scheduled for the 8:00 disembarkment.  That's the one where you carry your own luggage off...  thank goodness for those wheels on luggage these days!

The first group gets off a little early, we're through customs and immigration and have found a taxi to take us to the airport by 8:10 am.  WoooHooo!

We get to the airport by 9:30...  right to the Delta check-in kiosk.  Hmmmm...  our flight has been changed to 1:30.  We have a connecting flight in Salt Lake City, but it doesn't leave until nearly 5:00....  no problem.  We hang out at the airport...  seems like we've done a lot of that lately.

That flight went well and so did the final one from SLC to DFW (Dallas/Ft Worth).  We were served a tiny bag of pretzels and our choice (?) of drink.  I chose Sprite, hoping to appease my still "iffy" system.  

Quickly collected our luggage in DFW and our daughter met us in the baggage area.  It sure was good to see her and load up her car and head back to Glen Rose!

When we get back to our rig, Celeste brings over a huge shopping bag of our mail that has been coming regularly every Monday since we left.  We take that and our luggage and pile it all on the couch.  It's 11:00 pm....  we sleep in the cab-over bed...  pull it down and crash.  Our own bed...  pure luxury!

We've been through 4 time zones since we got up this morning.  Our internal clocks are so messed up they don't even know what day of the week it is let alone the time of day.  So with only a few hours of sleep and both of us having been under the weather, we rise on Sunday morning to start to get back to our "normal" life.  

I soon figure out that this is going to take a few days....  I have 2 months of bank and credit card statements to reconcile....  a few bills that are not automatic to take care of....  a ton of laundry to sort through and get done....  and of course get in touch with the family that lives in other places....  just things.  I want to catch up on the blogs I've missed....  I want to read my local (Ohio) newspaper on-line...  heck I could spend hours on the computer alone!  

Today...  Monday, I cooked our dinner for the first time in 6 weeks!  I love to cook and while it probably sounds odd... I like my own cooking better than most others.  I could hardly wait to go to the grocery and buy fresh garlic, cilantro, fresh avocados and some of the spicy foods we didn't get on the ship.  We had a great meal tonight...  just what we both need to cure intestinal issues (ha!).

So...  no photos yet...  but some of you might have wondered if we're still on the ship lost in the Bermuda Triangle or some mysterious place, so I thought I'd just post an update that...  yep! we're back in Texas....  no new adventure planned yet....

But I did see Bill checking out the house-sitting jobs available in Spain...  or was it Italy?

We all know we can't sit still long.

That's All For Today!


  1. Oh my, what a miserable cruise. Glad you're on the mend. Spain or Italy? Will you have to learn a new language? ;)

  2. Welcome home. Spain or Italy would be fabulous.

  3. Of all the roads both east and west, the one that leads to home is best.
    (Old homily).
    Welcome home.

  4. Welcome home! So sorry to hear you were sick on the cruise, nothing worse than not being in your own bed! We too like my cooking better than going out to eat--we rarely have a meal out that Mike doesn't remark, "you could have done better!"

  5. Oh no, the noro virus, is that what you got? Welcome home (the states) and I am sure you won't be where you are very long.

  6. Wow, we can totally relate to what you said about your own cooking, we are exactly the same. It was so nice to have those first few meals in Sherman all with fresh food, spiced the way we like and not greasy. It's good to be home. Glad you are both feeling better and Happy Belated Birthday.

  7. Happy Birthday! Welcome Home!
    So sorry the end of your trip ended so miserable. Hope you both are on the mend.

    I’m looking forward to seeing your pictures.

  8. Happy Birthday, glad you are feeling better too.
    Like you we prefer eating my own cooking as to eating out.
    Enjoy you down time for a bit.