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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Singapore Sights....

Our last stop on our Asian cruise was in Singapore.  We were there 2 full days so had time to see a lot of sights.  My first impression was from the ship...  seeing the buildings reach for the sky....  buildings so close they looked like they would touch each other.
Buildings of all types of architecture...  mostly modern....  designs that made me wonder sometimes how they stayed upright.  I think that building in the lower left is a huge apartment building... three towers with a roof garden across the top.  I kept looking up at the shapes, the glass, the ingenious ways to put it all together into a functional building.

Would you like to take a ride on this ferris wheel?
The Singapore Flyer
It takes about 30 minutes for 1 revolution.
And that's all you get, but it's slow moving and you see the whole area.  You'll be nearly 175' above the ground.  We didn't ride this one, but did take a ride on one not quite so high in Shimizu, Japan.

City life is fun to see, but Bill & I both always want to see the botanical gardens...
The Singapore Botanical Gardens are divided up in sections...  a huge Orchid area, a Ginger Garden, an area with lovely waterfalls...  not that waterfalls and exquisite landscaping aren't in every section...  it was so big that with only a couple of hours for this stop, we really didn't have time to see it all.

We like to take the "Hop on/Hop off" kind of bus tours.  There are designated stops...  maybe a dozen or so...  that you can get off the bus when you come to something you really want to see.  The bus comes by every half hour or so and you can get back on and ride to your next stop.  Sometimes we make a complete tour on the bus and then make a second tour stopping when we want.  These are often the double-decker sightseeing buses and we always sit on the upper deck to see it all.
This is the Little India section of Singapore...
The colors, the market stalls, the restaurants...  foods....  people...  on and on.

And the Chinatown area...
Buddhist temples, silk kimonas, souvenirs, people, all crammed in shops along the streets...
What a fascinating place!

I MUST learn to eat with chopsticks!
That's a shrimp omelet with bok choy at top left, a seafood fried rice dish on the right.
I didn't like sake, so gave Bill mine and had a beer.  Those ladies at the lower right are in our genealogy group and of course that's Bill in the middle.  Most tours Bill & I took on our own, but this particular one was our genealogy group the last day of the conference.

We saw a lot of Buddha shrines...  and a lot of Buddhist temples....  most everywhere we traveled in Asia.  The gold and glitter and the smell of incense was often prevalent.

You can take a boat ride on the Singapore River...
The lower left is a barge-like boat that is for sight-seeing.  Our group boarded the boat and off we went.  You see the same sights, but from a different perspective.  Singapore is exceptionally clean...  there was no litter floating in the river.  In fact, Singapore has some very strict rules and regulations.  We were cautioned not to smoke on the streets, not to openly chew gum, don't even think about jaywalking...  things like that.  While we never saw a policeman in our time there, we were careful to mind our manners.

In the bay is this famous statue...  part lion, part fish.
In Singapore, it has become a marketing icon used as a mascot and national personification of Singapore.

We packed a lot in those 2 days we spent in Singapore...
Night time in the City...

But were happy to move on....

That's All For Today!


  1. That must have been a lot to take in. I think I would have liked to take that Ferris wheel ride. The shrimp on that omelet looks kind of raw to me.

  2. The architecture is fabulous. I love the three tower building with the top garden and graceful vertical end. I love the Singapore river group of photos with the "open flower" building, which is really unique. The temples and Little India market photos have fabulous colors, can hear the market and smell it. You saw a lot!

  3. Fabulous city and architecture, but I prefer the county. I feel uneasy in a city.

  4. I am really enjoying the tour right along with you, tanks for all the great pics.

  5. Glad you are home. Sounds like you had an interesting time...too bad for the sicknesses though.

  6. Thanks for sharing your photos of Asia. It's really interesting.