Along the Natchez Trace

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Movin' On.....

The sandhill cranes in my header are heading north.  We hear them way overhead before we see them.  
Hundreds of them...
Sometimes they kind of stop and regroup..
Sometimes it looks like they're circling higher and higher to catch a thermal.
Sometimes they just fly over and keep heading north...
But they talk...  constant chatter back and forth.  That's what we hear that catches our attention.  It's a sound that you'll never forget after hearing them the first time.  To me, it's definitely the "Call of the Wild".

The weather has continued to be crummy.  Bill's birthday was over a month ago and I still haven't been able to "deliver" his birthday present.  I'd made arrangements through one of the local airports for a sightseeing trip of the area.  There is a pipeline going through that has held our interest for months.  And just to see the layout of the land and to see our daughter's place from the air would be neat.  Yeah, we've checked it out on Google Maps, but being up there and seeing it for yourself is so much better.  We've had to cancel twice because of nasty weather.  We were trying again for today...  but...  nope... not going to happen.  It's not raining today, but is cloudy, gloomy and just not conducive to sightseeing.  Bummer!

Yesterday we headed into Ft Worth...  had to make a final trip to Trader Joe's and to Barnes & Noble before we head out of here.  And of course, lunch at In N Out was mandatory.  On the way back to Glen Rose we stopped at the HEB in Granbury.  I've written several times in the past how much I love these stores.  Often they'll have a theme...  maybe roasting green chilies in the fall and having "Hatch (NM) Days", and of course a few weeks ago the Super Bowl dominated the displays...  you could buy any kind of snack, foods to grill or whatever.    Well, this week at HEB is "Texas Days".  I'll admit I don't know much about the sports teams, mascots and the like, but there were bins of stuffed Long Horn cows (children's toys) and even a stuffed armadillo.  

But...  look at this...
That's a Long Horn Bull...  but open it up and it houses a grill.
(currently holding some local beers)
Grilling out is a big thing here.  George Y. would be right at home here with his Q Weber.  But he might have a hard time carting this big guy around in his motorhome to Canada and back.

Here's the other side of that bull....
They do have them for sale...  you, too, could have one in your backyard for only $500.00.  
I think he's pretty neat, but I guess we'll pass....

Of course everything in Texas is "Texas Size"...
Wine glasses are no exception...
Okay, this is really made to hold chips or snacks, but it sure caught my eye... I keep wondering how many bottles of wine it can hold....  even I wouldn't attempt to guzzle that!
By the way...  check out Bill's rain gear.  It rained ALL day...  that plastic cover on his hat works great to keep it dry.

I wrote that the store had stuffed armadillos...  hey... they have nothing on us...
When Bill & I were in the Valley a month or so ago, we found this little guy...
A metal armadillo...  
Our daughter has a walking path that winds through the woods and along the creek behind her house.  We thought it was the perfect home for him.  And he won't dig holes and destroy plants.

We were planning to head out tomorrow...  and since our flight got cancelled we'll just have to try it another time.  It's time to make like the sandhill cranes and...

Only we're not heading north.  We'll head over to Livingston, TX to the Escapees RV park for a week or so.  Maybe find some warmer weather?
After that we're thinking of heading for the Louisiana coast....  I'm kinda hankerin' for some Cajun food.  We'll see....

That's All For Today!


  1. Weather in Oregon is great, well not super warm, but so much warmer than normal. We've had no snow in the mountains to speak of either. Kind of scary in some ways. That little metal armadillo is darn cute! It's too bad you can't get airborne for the tour flight. Maybe it will still happen?

  2. I like the picture of Bill in his hat and looking hopefully at that big wine glass. I bet he is picturing it full of a great vintage wine.

  3. I hope we don't miss getting in on that big wine glass...hehe We won't be in Houston for another two weeks.

    We love In N Out burger. Wish they had one in Houston. HEB is also one of our favs.

    Your birthday gift to Bill sounds like an excellent one. What a great idea.

  4. You got me with Louisiana. I'm a sucker for live oaks.

  5. I first heard sandhill cranes 70 years ago. You're right, you never forget the sound. Usually they were very high and very hard to see.

  6. That is a great birthday trip...hope it happens!!!

  7. Love the armadillo.

    Winter may finally be ending. It's supposed to hit 70 today here in Missouri.

  8. Hey love that BBQ , but like you said kinda large for us to cart around.
    That H.E.B. is one of our favorites too.
    Will be nice to get out and about again, hope we can do the same thing soon as well.
    Have too much fun and warmer weather.

  9. I too love the HEB grocery stores--the Safeway in Wickenburg while super expensive is also a good grocery store--much better than our little IGA at home in Montana!

  10. To me, Louisiana means shrimp po boys!