Along the Natchez Trace

Tuesday, March 31, 2015


We meet lots of folks in our travels....  some we talk with a while, hear their stories...  enjoy the rapport, but never see again.  A few become real friends and we pop up in each other's lives off and on as the years pass.

When we lived in Costa Rica the winter of 2013/14, we lived in a condo at the top of a hill.  The view was fantastic.  One day I was out doing something.... probably hanging out laundry...  and there was a strange guy standing near the wall taking in the view.  So began our friendship with Greg and Francine, a couple from Canada who were renting a condo across the road.

They aren't RVers...  but I guess when we're living in Costa Rica, we aren't either.  They travel a lot...  often volunteering at a variety of places along the way.  Francine teaches "English as a Second Language", Greg is an all-around handyman with many skills such as plumbing and the such.  When we lived in Costa Rica they were volunteering at The Monkey Farm (rehab place for injured howler monkeys).

I was already writing my blog at that time and when we'd all get together in the afternoon Francine would already know what our day was about.  She has since started her own blog...  Have Sheep, Will Travel...  (I don't know how to make a link)...  and writes about their house/pet sitting jobs they have been doing in Arizona this winter.

Like most Canadians we know, they are now heading back to Canada for the summer.  They wanted to travel along the Gulf coast for a while before heading north...  and...  here we are, at least for a week or so, living within sight of the intracoastal waterway.

Sunday they stopped by for a visit...  Bill & I had the opportunity to show them some of the things we like so much about this area...
Greg wanted to walk barefoot in the sand and get his feet wet in the Gulf...
And he did...

We drove the loop from Cameron Prairie NWR, down to Creole, over to Cameron, across the shipping channel on the ferry...  over to some sandy beaches, then to Holly Beach, up to Sabine NWR, through Hackberry, Sulfur, and on to Lake Charles.  Of course we had to drive Pintail Drive to see the alligators and birds and walk the boardwalk trail...  and a stop at Sabine NWR to walk that trail through the wetlands.  Greg kept remarking how flat the land is.... you can see for miles!

Bill, me, Francine and Greg
Enjoying a gorgeous day and catching up on each other's lives.

When we got up to Lake Charles, Greg and Francine wanted to take us to dinner...  so we found a good Cajun restaurant and enjoyed yet more local  cuisine.  It was nearly 9pm by the time we got back to our own rig where their car was parked.  A long day, but a great day with friends!

Come Monday, we'd be back to our "jobs" and they'd be moving on....  I see they headed over to Avery Island to the Tabasco place.

Who knows when we'll see each other again?  Doesn't matter, when we do, we'll have another great time together and we'll pick up where we left off...  like good friends do.

That's All For Today!


  1. Always nice to run into friends in your travels, we enjoy that as well. Hope to meet up with you guys again soon as well.

  2. Isn't it wonderful! We too have so many RVer type friends who have become very close friends! Sounds as if you had a great day!

  3. How fun to meet friends in far away places.

  4. I've met more friends on the road and through blogging than I ever had back before I retired.

  5. We'll always have fond memories of our times with you. Even without a glass of wine, we still had good times too! I'm not sure about you referring to Greg as a "strange guy" though ... I like him! LOL. For anyone interested, our blog is

  6. You guys have too much fun. There should be a law! Just kidding.

  7. Nothing like long time friends. The friendship family

  8. It is always great to meet up with friends.

  9. Wonderful to have good friends, isn't it? Makes life quite rewarding.

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