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Friday, October 2, 2015

Meeting Up With Friends...

A quick post just to update y'all...

The view from the front of our motorhome....
We're in Albuquerque, parked at the Balloon Fiesta Rv grounds....  the launch site for the balloons is just over the hill a ways.....  The Fiesta doesn't officially start until tomorrow but there are lots of balloon companies that take folks up for rides in the early morning.  It's about 7:30 am now, and the balloons started launching about 15 minutes ago.

We've lived in this area a few times in the past and volunteered at both the Bosque del Apache and Seviletta National Wildlife Refuges.  Yesterday we drove down to Seviletta to visit folks we used to work with...  and friends we've crossed paths with several times over the years.  Carolyn and Wally (who write a blog) are volunteering at Sevilleta now...  we first met them at Eastern Shores NWR in VA, again at Santa Ana NWR in TX,, and several times up in Maine at Moosehorn.  
We had lunch at Manny's Buckhorn down in San Antonio, NM...  a tiny little town with 2 well-known restaurants...  both specializing in green chile cheeseburgers.  
We caught up on all the news...  and they returned to their work... we headed on to the Bosque to visit there.  They are the kind of friends you meet up with again and again during travels and your conversation just takes up where it left off months before. 

Back up to ABQ...  we had a date for the evening...
I've read Craig and Merikay's blog for several years...  following them through their trials and tribulations of selling their home in California and becoming full-timers.  (Check out Merikay's socks...  I always look at Craig's photos to see what she is wearing)  Craig found a great Mexican restaurant on-line and after visiting at the RV park for a while we went out to dinner.

While it was the first time we'd met them in person it was like meeting up with old friends.  When we realized we'd both be here at the Fiesta we made the arrangements to get together.  Reading folk's blogs creates a rapport that is special.  We really enjoyed our evening together and hope to see them again during our time here.

More balloons have launched and I've got to get outside....  I'm missing all that color and joy!  

That's All For Today!


  1. Are you going to go up for a ride?

  2. Love those socks. I enjoy watching the balloons when I see them also, the bright colors against the sky.

  3. So nice to meet up again and actually meet other bloggers in person, looks like a great time.
    Love the balloons and all the colors.
    Have too much fun.

  4. Nothing like front row seats. We had a balloon come down in a field near us, once, unexpectedly. That was something to see.

  5. Good to see y'all again...thanks for the visit AND for lunch...those chili cheese burgers are wonderful.

  6. Looks like you have a great spot to watch the fun. If you go for a ride, think of the great pictures you will get:)

  7. We are all tucked in up in the last row of the big area where you are. Passed your rig going in and again this morning as we bused down to the launch field. It looked like you were already out and about! It was very nice to meet you both, and thank you once again for the delightful pair of bird socks. I wore them yesterday, and one of the other Escapees noticed them and complimented me on them. We came back to the rig a little while ago and I my nap was accompanied by the thunderstorm! I hope we will meet again someday!