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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Another Week in our Wonderful Life....

It's been nearly a week since I posted.  The time just gets away from me....  we actually have a bit of a social life here....  We got invited to a get-together last weekend.  A neighbor we met last year has returned to Lo de Marcos and had a lovely party....  maybe 20 people or so.  It was fun meeting new folks and seeing some of our friends from last year.  Of course it was outside...  kind of on the veranda/sidewalk area.  As we were all enjoying the food and good company, a local "celebrity" stopped by...
He sang several traditional Mexican songs.  You can't tell from my photo, but that guitar is the most beat up, dinged and battered musical instrument I believe I've ever seen.  And he played and sang as if it were a brand new Gibson!  See the bicycle in the background?  That's his ride....  he also collects scrap metal to sell.  Not a bad life, eh?

Nah...  this wasn't from Patty's party....
We saw this array of bottles down by the beach.  I think there may have been a wedding over the weekend...    Now I wish I'd walked closer and checked out these bottles of celebration.  Actually, Bill did...  said there was even some leftovers.....  We asked him if he tried anything....  (no)

I've written about the Tianguis days in various towns.  Here in Lo de Marcos, it's held on Saturday from 9am until 2pm.  The first one of this season was last Saturday and of course we had to check it out.  I did buy some pillow covers for the throw cushions on the couch.  And one of the local women had a food stall....  I love chile rellenos and her's were the best I've had in a long time.  Bill had Camerone Diablo (spicy shrimp)....  and it, too, was delicious.

Saturdays can be kind of busy here in town.  This is the main street....  there's a Trail Ride heading down the street as well as the usual traffic of automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, trucks...  and sometimes a tractor.  Occasionally there'll even be a cattle drive.  The main street (well, the whole town) has real character!

Monday morning is the 8am walk with Memo.
Here, we're just leaving the ocean... up across the beach to the entrance to the jungle.  We walk through the jungle, alongside of pineapple fields, a couple of farms, and then alongside the river.

To get back into town a person has to cross the river.  It's not very deep this time of year so navigation isn't difficult.  You may have read that a crocodile was found on our beach last week.  There is some question as to where it really came from, but the finders taped his mouth closed with duct tape and it was relocated.  We keep looking for crocs....  so far...  nada.

A couple times a week the local carnecerias make and sell Chicharones.....   you probably already know that those are made from pork skin.  The lady on the right is cleaning the hair and fat off that skin to ready it to be cut into strips and deep fried.  The left side photo is the finished product.  It's actually very tasty....  but most folks would probably prefer to not see or know how it's made.

Those two fish on the right are now in our fridge...  all filleted and ready for dinner tonight.  
Can you imagine how happy that kitty is to live in the Pescaderia?

The large Jackfruit tree in our front yard was a nice tree, however the root system was starting to destroy the small wall in front of it and would soon undermine the large wall along the sidewalk.  So it had to come down.  The gardener cut it down...  branch by branch... with his machete.

The "after" photo....
The trunk will be taken out later.  The day after Santos cut it the sap poured out of raw areas by the bucketful!  We want to plant more flowers and other plants that will attract birds and butterflies as well as provide us with some fruit.

You can tell we stay busy....  seems like we always have something on our agenda.  But it's a good busy....  and there's no real schedule if we don't want there to be.  Our favorite spot is out on the veranda...  watching the world go by...  or like this...
A beautiful sunset.

That's All For Today!


  1. That's the life doing what you want when you want too.
    We love the small Mexican towns as well, so much character.

  2. Do you give the singer a tip to play?
    I love seeing those people on horseback. Just cracks me up how they just live the very simple life.
    Never heard of Chicharones. Very interesting how she shaves the skin.
    I love your yard!

  3. What a beautiful place you bought and it is good to enjoy life! Mike says if you keep writing blogs like this one you will have us all moving down there!

  4. Janna, I think Mike may be on to something, I just opened up a tab at VRBO for casita rentals there! ;-)

    I think I can actually feel my blood pressure going down when I read Sharon's posts from this charming little place.

  5. So charming and beautiful. And as for the chicarones, yes, ignorance is bliss.

  6. Sounds like you have a lovely life there.

  7. it's a shame the tree had to go but it looks like it would also interfere with the wires overhead. Yes, the kitty at the fish market looks very well-fed!