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Sunday, November 13, 2016

My New Home Town...

The weather turned a little cooler here...  the nights especially aren't as hot.  But the overcast days somehow have made it more humid, so while it's not as hot, it can still feel oppressive.  It takes all day for laundry to dry on the outside clothesline, while a week or so ago, even heavy towels would be dry before noon.

Yesterday, our friend Juan and his wife, Rosa, drove us to the landscape nursery which is a couple miles north of La Penita.  Juan lived in the USA for 15 years and speaks English very well.  While we could have taken a taxi to the nursery, it was so much nicer that Juan offered his help.  
In the upper right photo, the nursery employee is answering our questions (with Juan being our interpreter) about what different kinds of plants are.  I especially wanted several colors of bougainvillea, which comes in dozens of different varieties.  We have several areas along our lawn that need a splash of color...  as well as something to attract birds and butterflies.  The lower right photo is the nursery truck delivering our purchases.  And on the left are the 28 pots of flowers and vines that we bought.  Among the plants are 8 colors of bougainvillea, 3 Mexican Petunia, 2 different kinds of hybiscus, several pots of Croton, some pots of cooking herbs, some pots of vines for the back wall, and a couple of plants I have no idea of their names.  But they were brightly colored and looked inviting to the hummingbirds.  We know we'll have to make a few more trips to the nursery as time goes on...  once these are in place we can see what needs done next.

Speaking of attracting birds and butterflies...   I put out several hummingbird feeders as soon as we moved in here...  We've seen 2 different species of hummers check out some of the flowers that are already growing, but today...
This Cinnamon Hummingbird stopped at least twice to dip into this feeder.
After over 4 weeks (and changing the nectar every week) I finally got some "takers"!  I have 3 other feeders hanging nearby, but so far, they haven't been "discovered".  Time will tell....

I also brought a device where you cut an orange in half and impale each half on a post...
So far, I haven't seen any birds there, but I often see the most interesting butterflies!
I don't know what species this guy is...  and so often the "closed wing" look is so totally different than when the wings are spread open...  but just look at the patterns on his wings!

Lo de Marcos has their "Tianguis" on Saturdays.  I love going there...  it reminds me so much of my own hometown's Farmer's Market.  Although there aren't many fruits and vegetables sold at the tianguis here, the stalls of colorful clothing, jewelry, artwork, and such...  as well as the food court selling traditional Mexican food... AND Viet Nam food... AND Greek salads.... AND Chinese foods....  and if you want, you can even buy a beer OR a freshly made Mimosa.  That's right...  an orange juice/champagne drink is yours for the asking!  The LDM tianguis has only been open 2 weeks now, but more vendors are setting up each week.

The folks who "sponsor" the tianguis are...
Armando and Robert
They own and operate the Galvan Realty and their company provides the city lot where the tianguis is held.  This isn't a very good photo of them...  I kind of caught them by surprise...  but can you see Bella on Robert's lap?  Bella goes to work with them each day and doesn't roam very far from the office.  Another person is also a part of the Realty Company...  Memo, our friend who leads walks and hikes each week.  He has his own booth at the tianguis where he sells his Moringa products.  Actually, there are at least 3 other employees, but we don't have as much interaction with them as they have other types of jobs.

There are several grocery stores, and specialized stores (meat markets, fish markets, bakeries, tortillerias) as well as little tiendas that aren't much more than a room in someone's house.  But there are also street vendors....  cars or trucks roaming the streets...  usually with a recorded "message" hawking their wares, blaring from loud speakers mounted on the vehicle.
Saturday we saw this truck...  loaded down with ears of corn!
I'm kinda partial to Ohio River sweet corn so we didn't buy any.  Truth is, I was wondering if this was sweet corn or field corn...  there IS a difference, you know.  

Looks like his speaker could use a little work....

I have some bird photos, but I'm having so much fun showing you our town, those pictures can wait for another time...
Here's a typical sidewalk scene on an early Friday night (around 7:30 or so).  Lots of little restaurants just kind of spring up...  set up right on the street.  I would think the menu would be fairly limited...   you can see the table of condiments set up outside the door.  Probably stuff like tacos, quesadillas...  maybe menudo or posole....  We didn't stop as we had just eaten at Mr Tony's...  one of our favorite local places, and were on our way home.

Now...  if Friday night and Saturdays are busy...  the town hopping with activity...  lots of people doing lots of things...  
This is what Sunday morning looks like....
This is the main street that runs from the State Highway, straight to the sea.  Yes, the Pacific Ocean is less than a 10 minute walk just ahead.  Not much traffic....  at least until after noon on Sundays.  Even that white van you see is just sitting there...  hoping to pick up passengers who want to go to San Pancho or maybe La Penita.  Heck, I don't even see any dogs wandering around...  they must all have had a busy Saturday!

One last photo...
Sunday morning at the beach...  the cooler weather and overcast skies must have made everyone sleep late this morning....  but doesn't it look peaceful?

That's All For Today!


  1. 28 pots...I feel a backache coming on.
    I love that butterfly photo. Gorgeous.

    1. Maybe I should have mentioned that we have a gardener.... I know.... pure decadence.... but he takes care of the place even while we're gone. So.... he'll do all the yard work of planting most of those plants. Until we get our "title" (long story... I'm still shaking my head).... and we can get our Factura (probably not spelled right)... we are pretty much on hold for the major stuff we want done. It all sounds great.... and it probably is... but... there's more to come about truly living in Mexico.

  2. This all looks very nice. Could tempt me to spend vacation time in MX.

  3. It looks like you'll have a hummingbird and butterfly paradise when you're finished. Beautiful plants.

  4. So beautiful. We sure do miss hummingbirds. They're a New World bird.

  5. Does look peaceful on a Sunday morning. Happy to see a hummer has found you. You seem very settled in.

  6. Really nothing like small towns and villages in Mexico, you are fitting right in.