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Monday, February 6, 2017

More Amigos....

My last post was about a party we had to celebrate how happy we are in this town...  and the friends we've met and come to know and care about.

We have met some others as well...  very special friends....

Bill and I walk past their Grandmother's (Nena) house everyday.  We started out being friends with Citlali, who is Nena's daughter-in-law.  

Here's Citlali with Ruvi.  Ruvi was one in December and we've watched her learn to walk.  My favorite thing is when she sees us, she waves...  and blows kisses.  She's afraid of my camera here, so this isn't her best look.  

After Citlali, we met some of her nieces.  They'd run out and give us hugs as we walked past their house.  When they started visiting us at our house (just a block down the street), it was time to find ways to entertain them.  Actually, they do a fine job of taking care of themselves, but...
We almost always play "lotteria"....  
That's Melony on the left and Angelina in the middle...  and, of course, Bill on the right.
This is kind of like Bingo...  only now, when we each draw a card, the girls tell me the Spanish meaning and pronunciation, and I tell them the English.  
Frankly, they're learning a lot faster than me...

Drawing and coloring are favorite things to do.
Crayons, colored pencils, coloring books and those dry-erase boards have now taken over the lower shelves on our bookcase.  When Bill & I go to Walmart now I'm always looking for a game or puzzle I think "our kids" will like.

Sidewalk chalk is fun...  
The kids love to print out Bill and my names...
Hearts and Roses are favorite subjects, but Tic-Tac-Toe is always a given.

Bill's birthday was last week...  and darned if these kids didn't bring him a present.  They gave him a lovely picture frame.  So, of course, I quickly took this picture, printed it and put it in the frame.
Melony and Angelina have been visiting us for several weeks, and then David, Melony's little brother started coming with them.  He's 5, Melony's 7 and Angelina is 9.  
Melony and David's older sister, Bechi, is 10....  now she's joined the others, so we have a full house playing games or doing artwork.

Not to be outdone, I wanted my picture taken with the kids...
I just know that our own great-granddaughter, Evie, would love to be here playing with us.  Wouldn't that be fun!

Yesterday, as Bill & I were walking home, we passed Angelina's house...
She was outside... getting ready to go somewhere special.  Look at how lovely she is!  What a beautiful little lady!
And then...  she turned around...
Oh My!
Her grandmother created quite an artistic hairdo!  Isn't it beautiful!
I just wanted to keep looking at it and since I have no talent with hair at all, I was just amazed at how it was done.  
That's Nena, the kids' grandmother in the background.

The kids often draw pictures and write stuff on the "erase" boards...
Can you read it?
"Hello Grandparents... I love you a lot
But I also love my family...
Melony, David and Angelina
We love you so much"

And that's Bill and me...  holding heart balloons...

I mean, really...  could a person have better friends?

That's All For Today!


  1. Beautiful children. They are so real. The little girls across the street run over and say hello when I come in. They make my day, too.

  2. We made quite a few friends while in Mexico as well, such loving people the local people are.

  3. Oh my gosh. Those kids are adorable. What a very thoughtful gift they gave Bill. Both photos are terrific.
    I love Angelina's hair. A work of art for sure.

  4. Sweet. How wonderful to have children to interact with and learn Spanish with in your home. The Lotteria sounds like a great idea.

  5. Angelina's hair is just beautiful!! Definitely artwork!!
    Those children are just precious!! Love the picture frame present....perfect gift to cherish those pictures!!

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  7. What a fabulous story Sharon--love the photos of both of you with the kids.