Along the Natchez Trace

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Thursday Feel Bads...

In all our (35) years together, Bill has been "under the weather" maybe 2... 3 times.  Once he did break his leg and had to be in a cast for a while...  but he improvised the riding lawnmower with a trailer on the back and got around just fine.  Once he got part of a finger cut off because of a malfunction of a power mower...  had to be off work for over 2 months...  but... again...  did fine.  Early on, he had an upset stomach... (I'd probably have been in the ER)...  but a glass of wine and a couple hours of relaxation...  and he was tiptop shape again.  So...  today... early on, he said he didn't have any energy.  No big deal...  heck...  we really don't have to go, go, go... every day.  We even went for a noonday walk along the river.  But as the day went on, he ended up on the porch lounge...  and finally in bed.  Being the frugal person I am, I drank the wine he'd left on porch table...  But... I did lay cool wet washcloths on his head and give him a couple of aspirin.  Really, though...  it's so rare that he even has a hint of the "feel bads", that it's hard for me to know what to do.

So....  instead of providing a photo of him stretched out on the bed, I'll show you what else we did today...

We did walk down River Road to the ocean...  saw these Terns....
I think migration season is very much in progress now...
Our hummingbirds are few and far between....  the Painted Buntings are passing through...  even the seabirds dynamics have changed drastically...  Every day is a new experience.

I think this is a Tri-colored heron...  I finally learned that "Garza" is Spanish for heron or crane.  My little Angelina friend down the street is helping me learn from her own 9 years of experience.

This dove looks very much like it has Zebra stripes because of the shadows from the sun.  We see at least 3, probably 4 species of doves every time we walk to the river.

There were 2 Roseate Spoonbills in the river today.  But their diet must not be fortified with crustaceans these days...  they are barely pink, let alone ROSE.  Oh well, they are still a delight to come across.

We've seen a few horses in those "islands" beside the river, but never seen a herd of cows before.  This big girl, with the crooked horn, was with about 6 or 8 others.  There was a bull with them, but that's another story.  See the bird on the ground in front of the cow?  Well, that's a Groove billed Ani... and every cow had at least one Ani following it around.  I think that as the cow ate, it disturbed the vegetation and stirred up flying critters that the birds quickly snatched up.  Still... they were fun to watch.

As we got closer to home, we realized that school had just let out.  And... who should we see?
Yes...  that's Angelina...  riding her bike home...

We stopped to talk and saw that she had a gorgeous new hair-do...
Yes... her abuela (grandmother) had done some more magic!
My photos just don't do justice to the artistic talent that lady has!
I am always just amazed with her abilities!

The next 2  photos are from yesterday...
 When I was a kid and went to Rufus Putnam School in Athens, Ohio, I learned to play "Pick Up Sticks".  I saw this game for sale in Walmart and had to buy it.  Now the "sticks" are blunt edge plastic...  but that's okay... the rules are the same.  Here's Angelina, (who, by the way, is a quick learner!!!) using the black stick to wriggle out some other.  If you've ever played the game, you know the rules...  and it ain't easy!

The lower shelves on our bookcase now house games, crayons, chalk and other stuff for kids.  One of the favorites is a jigsaw puzzle...
Usually "our" kids are in age from 7 to 10
I try to buy stuff appropriate for those ages.  Today we had a 3 year old come to play with his primo  (cousin)....  I have some fat crayons and a coloring book that lines don't really matter.
What else is an abuela going to do?

As I write, Bill is laying down with a cool washcloth on his head.
Like I said, he is NEVER sick...  he's definitely one of those folks who will let mind conquer matter...  So... tomorrow should be fine.

But...  a shot I took of a Painted Bunting in our fountain this morning...
The End...

A Colorful Ending to a pretty good day... despite the "feel bads".

That's All For Today!


  1. I hope Bill recovers quickly.

  2. I hope Bill is feeling much better tomorrow. Oh I date myself because I sure do remember playing Pick Up Sticks. Loved the pic of the Painted Bunting.

  3. It is so neat seeing a child ride a bike to school. It is so rare to see that. She is a doll for sure. And "Pick Up Sticks"...what a throw back.
    Sure hope Bill feels much better by the time you read this.

  4. Hope Bill is quickly back to himself. As for you, I so admire your frugality.

  5. I hope Bill is back-on-track soon.

  6. Love that Bunting...Sure hope Bill is back "on deck" soon!

  7. Sure do hope Bill gets better quickly. Maybe he just needs a rest?

  8. Sorry to hear that Bill in under the weather. Hopefully this will pass quickly and he'll be as good as new!

  9. Hope Bill is good by now. Love the painted bunting photo. And your little neighbor whose hair is beautiful. I played pick up sticks when I was a kid too. I didn't know it was still around. The tern photo is absolutely wonderful. I love it so much.

  10. Such a vibrant and cheerful place it is where you've chosen to make your part-time home! I just can't get enough of these fantastic photos. It's like being transported there.

    Like everyone else, I do hope Bill has recovered & is as good as new. It's been a while since this last post, should we worry?