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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Rain Down, Rain Down....

That's a song we sing at church...  I think it really means something spiritual...  but then,  maybe all the rain we've been getting is a blessing.  I only know that it's rained over 6" here (Glen Rose, Texas) in the past 4 days and every farm pond, every ditch... Lake Granbury and the local rivers...  all are full to over-flowing.

Most of the time the creeks and rivers are all but dry...  county roads often don't need a bridge over the water...  just some culverts covered with fill and concrete.  Now  those roads are closed due to high water.
There's a gate closing the road here...  and the river is raging over the road.

Another view...  same place, just a few feet closer.
Here's looking on down the road...  you can see the other side of the road in the distance.
Probably a good thing the county shuts the gate when this road floods as there's always some fool who is sure they can make it across in their truck.

Closer to home...  look again at the header of this blog...  nice waterfall, huh?  And I thought the creek was flowing then!
I'm standing up on the bank looking down at the creek...
And when I took this, the water level had already gone down about 6', so when it was at it's highest, you'd have just seen a bump as the water passed over the rocks.

Another view...  just a little further downstream.  There's lots of debris which was left when the water was at it's highest.

And yet another view...
It's amazing the power that water has...  huge rocks that would take a bulldozer to move will roll along like kid's marbles with the force.

The rain has slacked off to the occasional sprinkle...  Bill & I had to head out for a walk to see what this part of Texas looks like with so much rain.  We just hope the rain soaks into the ground and replenishes the much needed water levels.

  The End!

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  1. Raining here, too. I am going to blame it on you singing that hymn. . . it is all your fault. OK, I ain't going to complain. Texas can use the rain. The trouble is it usually comes all at once and runs right off. . . except for this area. We always seem to get lots of rain in my area and where I live, it all runs away from my home.

  2. That force of the rain is amazing soon the creeks and rivers will be down to a trickle again.
    We hope to get back that way in March should be better by then.

  3. We got a good rain here the other day. Because of the cold temps there was even some snow on the higher hills. Didn't think I'd see that at Jojoba.

  4. Water is beautiful and dangerous. Good thing the county physically closes the roads. We've had rain for two days, but I won't be emptying my rain guage before tomorrow.

  5. Welcome rain to that part of the country--it's very dry here in Arizona, we were out in the desert today and it was very dusty!

  6. We had 4" of rain here in St Thomas yesterday, and living at the bottom of Suicide Hill, I certainly was concerned last night about the force of moving water. It's still dark outside now, and although it has stopped raining, the forecast is for more rain. I hope we'll be able to get up that hill today :)

  7. I've heard Texas was inundated in rain. Maybe California will get enough with El Nino to replenish underground water sources too. But that has to be miserable to be in.

  8. I'm glad you're safe from the deluge! The evening news reports were really scary.

  9. It rained Thursday, Friday and Saturday during our ThanksMas holiday in E TX. Driving back on I-80 and I-20 to fly back home to SF, some of the low lying interstate roads could be flooded. A number of Firework stands on the parallel roads were underwater. We could certainly use rain here in the Bay Area.

  10. The destructive power (and the beauty) is amazing.