Along the Natchez Trace

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Texas... for a while....

We're back in Texas for a month or so....  time to get our annual physicals and such.

It's been pretty quiet...  nothing much going on.
I guess the chickens find us interesting...  
They are free-range and can go where they like.  Sometimes they hop up on our motorhome and look at us through the windshield....  they never stay long, so maybe we're not so interesting after all.

The guinea hens hang out underneath the juniper tree across the driveway from our rig.
They can get rather noisy at times, but usually just scratch around hunting for bugs.

The view out our window is pretty neat...
Those bird feeders are hanging from a crossbeam mounted on poles.  It's about 20' from our motorhome.  The deer are a hundred feet or more from us.  We've counted as many as 14 at a time, and have seen a nice buck with a beautiful rack.  It's about time for rut, so he'll be busy.

As I was typing this I heard sandhill cranes flying over.  I didn't get outside quick enough to see them.  They're heading south for the winter...  maybe south Texas or Mexico.  I love hearing their call as they wing their way south.

Here's Bill...  reading the manual for my new camera...
I wanted a pocket size "point and shoot" to use at the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta and to take on that Panama Cruise...  bought a Canon Powershot SX280.  It had a smudge on the lens...  inside where it couldn't be cleaned...  so I sent it back to Canon.  That was in October.  Good thing I had it insured because it got lost in the mail.  It got complicated before it got resolved, but Canon ended up sending me this Powershot SX700, which I received last week (too late for my intent)....  

But I'll have plenty of use for it soon.  In mid-December we'll be heading down to Mexico for the winter.  It's already getting cold here...  yeah, anything below 80 degrees is cold to me.  I know I've written about our plans before, but we will leave our rig here in Texas and fly to Puerto Vallarta.  We rented a bungalow in Lo De Marcos until March.  

Guess I'm about caught up on our happenings....  like I wrote, it's a quiet time right now.

That's All For Today!


  1. Nice to have ypu back. Nice to have eighties, too, but I won't be greedy.

  2. Nice to have your new camera and to see you back again. That Pic looks like an area not far from where you are.
    I know you will enjoy Mexico just having to much fun.
    Too cold here in ABQ we moving on in the morning, lower elevation and warmer temps.

  3. I have that exact camera and love it--I need to re-read the book--I don't use all the features as I should!

  4. I have the SX260. Don't use it as much as I do my Canon SX50.

  5. Great header photo (as usual). Will have to check out your camera models (the original and the replacement). Although, mine is a wonder since I cleaned the lens.

  6. I like Canon cameras and currently use the SX50i . The manuals are way to long:(

  7. You do fly south with the birds for the winter. I wish I could. I didn't figure on winter this year since last winter was so warm and summer, no rain and hot. I figured it was global warming and I was ok with it, so its a shock to me now, that I'm cold and wet and its dreary and gray and soggy here. I'm outraged (ha ha).