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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Everyone Loves A Parade!

The annual Christmas Parade here in Lo de Marcos, Nayarit, Mexico, is a highlight of the year.  It is organized by the Lo de Marcos Amigos, a group comprised of Snowbirds (winter residents), year-round Canadian and US residents, and local Mexican residents.  The parade was this past Thursday....  it started at the Oxxo station at the edge of town on Rt 200, traveled up the main street and ended at the plaza.  Lots of photos...  with short explanations below each...
The Parade Begins!
Lots of music...  lots of colorful clothing and decorations!
If you didn't already have the Christmas Spirit, this will certainly give it to you.

This group of children danced and sang all the way down the street.
A lot of the floats further back had folks throwing candy to the crowds.  I bet these kids were happy they were the first group so they could run back and get candy after they finished at the plaza!

This little cowboy is riding his Shetland Pony along side the kids dancing.

In the back of the cab, it looks like a Princess and Prince....  along with the teen controlling the music and the elf throwing candy.

Ah Yes...  the dancers!
They sure could rock to the Christmas Music!

More of the kids...

Lots of folks here have golf carts to get around town.  They really decorate them great for the Christmas parade!

The kids on the left are picking up wrapped candy...

Everything here is so colorful!
The parade started around 4:00 pm....  you can tell White Christmases are never gonna happen here!

That looks like a parrot to me...
And that little kid looks like he's having a fun chat...

That's Merlin on the left.  
He had a good time teasing the kids and pretending to perform magic.

I think that might be a Christmas tree?  Or maybe a birthday cake?  I really don't know, but it was colorful and fit right in with the festivities!

That's Frank, the guy who rented our house last year before we bought it.  I told him later that he'd be just perfect for the Rose Bowl Parade.  

Another golf cart...  I believe that that's the Queen he's got in the back.

Ah....  the horses 
There'll be more as the parade progresses.
But I'll tell you...  the saddles these guys have are something else!
Hand tooled leather...  lots (and I mean LOTS) of silver....  really beautiful!

Yes...  that's the queen of the parade...

And some little princesses!

Some balloons got loose from a float..
But they won't go to waste....  these little guys will grab them.

A really lovely Christmas Tree!

I don't know what make this vintage automobile is, but it's all decked out for Christmas.

Don't you just love the expression on this little girl's face?

This one's for my son, Dan.
He has one of these 3 wheelers back in Ohio.  

The band!
I don't have any information about who they all are or anything else...  just know that they play great music...  and the horses will start dancing when these guys play the first notes.

The horses and riders...
These are the Dancing Horses...  
We've seen them before, but I never tire of watching them perform.  And...  they never seem to tire of dancing!

Look at the mane on that horse!
A lovely braid that must take real skill to fix.

And, like all Christmas Parades...
Santa Claus and Mrs Claus at the end!

We followed the parade down the street...  stopped to watch the horses dance some more...

Got a sweet smile from this young lady...
She's carrying her "goody bag" to keep the candy in that she collected from the floats.

We walked around the Plaza...  more festivities there...

These ladies were in the parade...  all decked out in traditional folkloric clothing.

Well..  what's this?
The Amigos had bought and wrapped 600 gifts for the kids!
They were age and sex appropriate...  and there was one for every kid there!

I'm not sure what these 2 little guys got, but they were happy!

I saw a lot of Barbie Dolls...  
And a lot of happy kids!

We walked around for a while - did a lot of "people watching", listened to the holiday music and just kind of soaked in the Holiday Spirit!
I think I can honestly say...  A Good Time Was Had By All!

That's All for Today!


  1. Been Busy so had to play Catch Up today. From the looks of things your Home Improvements have really taken shape and Attending the local Celebrations gives you a sense of being Home.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Wonderful. The perfect excuse for all the grumpy men to get on their golf carts and do their part! Happy holidays to you two.

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  4. I think that blue car in the parade is an Oldsmobile Cutlass, my guess is a 1972. Alberta

  5. I love all the colors. That parade sure is different looking than the one in Canton, OH. The biggest difference is...where is the snow? We could ship you some next year. Enjoy that sunshine. Snow, sleet, rain and more sleet...and that is just today. Brrrrrr!

  6. Wow! Great parade. I love the decorated golf carts.

  7. This all made me smile. Great fun, scenery, smiles, photos, sunshine!

  8. Love the colourful parades and parties in Mexico, thanks for sharing.

  9. A wonderful parade--thanks for letting us tag along! Love the costumes and it's so cool the winter visitors purchased gifts for the kids!

  10. Loved the shot of the black horse with that beautiful French braid! You are making me want to vacation there!!!

  11. You two didn't get in on the action, as in be in the parade? It looked fun and colorful. That black horse with that woven mane is regal, gorgeous!