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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Yes! We have no bananas...

I bet you've heard that old song about the Greek grocer....  well, I've been singing it a lot lately, only changing the words a bit...

A couple of weeks ago the gardener cut off this hand of bananas from one of the "trees" in the back yard.  We hung them in one of the arches of the veranda to ripen.  I never did count how many bananas there were but there were at least 50.  Of course we were hoping they'd ripen a few at a time, maybe the bottom tier first and a week later the next tier....  you know...

 At first it looked like that night happen.  Those at the bottom did indeed seem to be ripening faster than those above.  Actually, they hung in that arch nearly 2 weeks before they even began to turn yellow.

And then....  WHAM!  Yes!  We have ripe bananas! 
They all were yellow overnight!
These are a smaller banana than what we usually see in the Ohio grocery stores.  Bill likes them a lot, but even he can't eat 50 bananas in a few days.  We considered leaving them in folks cars, but we don't know anyone who has a vehicle here.  Leaving them on doorsteps doesn't work...  like us, most folks have an iron gate in front of their home.  But we had our ways...

After buying our pulpa and camerones from the fish monger, we loaded him up with a few bananas before he drove off.  And there's the gardener who brings his young son with him to work...  that kid loved his treat.  And Citlali, who is the maid (more on that experience later)...  she has 2 little kids... hey, she can use about a dozen bananas!  And the men who are working on the plumbing and electric...  they are here everyday this week...  wonder how many bananas they can take care of?  Our next door neighbors...  yeah...  they can use some.  Wonder if their dogs like bananas?  Nah... better not.

Hmmm....  looks like there might be a couple dozen left.
We may have to get creative about using them.  I don't like bananas nor do I like anything made from bananas, so smoothies, banana bread etc. aren't in my repertoire of recipes.  So far none have gone to waste...  they've all found homes....  But...

We better hurry....  more are getting ripe on another plant!

Wanna few bananas?  Just stop by...

That's All For Today!


  1. I like bananas but do prefer them slightly on the green side. BTW, when I read the part about the gardener, I read it too fast and I thought it said he cut his hand off. I pictured a gruesome seen out of an Alfred Hitchcock movie. . .

  2. Can you send them to Lubec,ME? I'd pick'em up at the hardware store! I LOVE bananas.

  3. Too funny. At least it's not like giving away zucchini's.

  4. How nice of you two to give them away. I bet the kids felt like it was an early Christmas present. Good job.

  5. Boy, wish I could get some!!! I have one every morning and only like them when they just turn, do NOT like over ripe, they sure look good!

  6. What fun. We planted a banana in our back yard two summers ago. It is still growing and nowhere near able to give us bananas, but I look forward to that day!

  7. Oh I wish I was there, I could live on bananas I do believe. I love them!