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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I Need Help! ..... please

The Lord and my computer work in mysterious ways.....

I've been using Picasa for a few weeks now...  having a great time fixing my pictures, making collages...  all that stuff.

This weekend, after having a marathon session learning more about collages, I have run into a problem.
I am not very computer literate so may not use the correct terminolgy with this...  but...

I download my photos from my camera onto my laptop.....  those pictures go into a library file named "pictures".  Those pictures have magically appeared in the Picasa files (folders) ... organized by the date taken (or by the date the camera thinks they were taken).

Then if I want to manipulate pictures or make collages or whatever, I have been using Picasa to do that.

Well...  the pictures I've taken since Saturday... and downloaded into the Picture file on my laptop do not show up in Picasa.

I did get an upgrade for Picasa today, and did that...  but it didn't make any difference.

Is there something I'm supposed to do to update my Picasa file so that it will include my latest pictures?

I'm hoping that someone out there who might read this might give me some insight into whatever is going on....  or knows of someone who can help.

I am really enjoying reading all your travel blogs and getting to know some names (and names of your dogs)...  I haven't learned yet how to reply to comments....  that will come.

Anyway...  thanks for any help you can offer.


  1. my email is Email me directly and I'll send you some screen shots of what you need to do.

  2. Thanks to Sue! I don't have a clue, but I hope Sue's screen shots will help solve your problem. Isn't it nice to post a problem and get the answer you need?? Just love RVers! :)

    I don't reply to comments unless it seems like a real question and they have an available e-mail. You don't have to reply unless you want to. Occasionally I'll put a response in a blog post if it looks like something other readers might be interested in seeing. (I had the same question when I first started blogging, and basically the above is the info I was given.)

    I know some people put their replies to questions in their comment section, but I never go back and re-read the comments once I've commented, so I wouldn't see the answer if there is one. Does that make sense? But maybe other people do go back to check for answers. :)

  3. Ooh, sorry. I have to walk by ... walk by.

  4. It looks like you can just click "Reply" under the comment. It has not always been so - this is a new thing for Blogger.

    The Good Luck Duck

  5. if Sue can't help there is always Rick over at Rick and Paulette's!!..if anyone can help he sure can!

  6. I find that Picasa has a mind of its own, and it sometimes takes a while for the images to show up in its library. Hopefully, Sue had the answer you needed. The reply to comments feature is apparently new, and it only works if the comment form is embedded as you have it; not sure how many would return to the blog to read the reply though. What would be neat is if a reply here was automatically emailed to the commenter (and maybe it is; just haven't had experience with it).

  7. First thing I'd try with Picasa to find your photos is to change the 'Folder View'. To do this, go to the toolbar on top, then click on View > Folder View and then click 'Tree View'. Then go back to Picasa and see if you can now find your photos.

    If they are still not visible anywhere, it may be that you have a 'corrupt database'. This can be fixed too by going to Windows 'Add Remove Programs' and removing Picasa. You will get a message asking if you want to remove the Picasa Database. It's important that you answer 'Yes'. When Picasa is removed, just reinstall it as normal and all your photos will be visible.