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Thursday, March 1, 2012

I See Costa Rica in the Crystal Ball....

My husband works wonders!  On Monday he got a clean bill of health and we started thinking seriously about leaving Texas.  On Tuesday he posted an "ad" on a Costa Rica forum that he's on.  The ad read something like this:

 We are planning to visit Costa Rica for a month... possibly longer.  We would like to rent a small apartment or a place with a kitchen and a bath.  We do not want to be based in a large city, but would like to be within walking distance to a market.  Swimming pool not necessary, but internet is.

I know this isn't exact, but it pretty much says it all.

That evening he got an e-mail from ....  of all people...  Sharon Wallace.  No kidding!  How ironic that that is my name as well!  The e-mail had a link that showed pictures of the house they have for rent.  The house is in Cuidad Colon, which is just west of San Jose.  It comes completely furnished, including dishes, cookware, and linens.  Also, it is close to a market...  as well as a public bus line.

A few e-mails back and forth on Wednesday... about cost, availability, amenities.....

Today, Thursday, we drove to the nearest Bank of America to deposit one month's rent into the "landlord's" account!

The earliest it will be available is April 1st...  but that's fine with us.  Now we have to make our flight arrangements out of DFW.  And figure out how we can pack binoculars, cameras, lenses, field guides, travel books, laptops...  and a few articles of clothing ;-) into whatever luggage the airlines allows us these days.

Thirty+ years ago  Bill said something like "Stick with me, sweetie, and we'll go places" ....  Boy!  Does he ever keep his promises!

Well, blogs should have at least one picture...  so...  here's my offer of the day...

The Sandhill Cranes are leaving Texas and heading back to Nebraska, Idaho, or wherever they will go for their summer home.  I took these pictures standing outside our rig.  There are huge flocks of them WAY up in the sky...  trying to catch a thermal to make their flight easier.  They talk to each other, and....  way down here, we can hear their "conversations".  They are sometimes so high that I can see them without binoculars only if their wings catch the sun.  We haven't volunteered near crane habitat for a couple years...  so I always feel nostalgic when I see them winging overhead.

That's All For Today....
P.S.  The "mom" in me can just imagine what all that crane talking is about....  Will you PLEASE stop bothering your sister.  Stay on your own side of the flock.  No, we're NOT going to stop at that cornfield, you just ate.  Didn't I TELL you go go before we left home? 


  1. Sounds like a great trip to Costa Rica, love the commentary on the bird photos.

  2. How exciting - that will be such a neat trip. We'll be looking for lots of pictures. Enjoyed looking at the crane pictures and eavesdropping on their conversation!

  3. I can't wait to read about your latest adventure! I am really enjoying your blog, and was glad to read that Bill's medical tests were all okay.

  4. You found a place really fast. Can't wait to read your adventures.
    Murrieta, CA