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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Just Another Day on the Farm

Wait a minute...  we left the farm years ago... 

I think that's what we used to say when nothing unusual happened...  and you know... old habits...

The day started early...  4am.  I woke up hearing a dog barking.  That's not really unusual here, except at 4am to have a dog bark continually is a bit out of the ordinary.  I think I dozed, but kept hearing the dog. I got up before 5am...  got my shower...  Bill got up...  got his shower...  it's 5:30am...  dog is still barking.  It's 70 degrees...  the warmest night we've had for months.  No heater last night!  I have on shorts and sandals...  go out in the pitch black to the car and drive out to the road...  trying to pinpoint where the dog is.  It doesn't sound in pain...  just keeps barking.  When I get out to the road I stop and listen....  hmmm....  closer to the house.  (our daughter's house is a few hundred feet from our motorhome)....  I drive back down the drive...  stop...  listen.  Go back to the house and tell Bill that the barking is close to a storage shed.  I change to "real" shoes...  we get flashlights and head out on foot.  The barking stops....  silence.....  we aim our flashlights into the brush...  AND...  there's Rylee, our daughter's dog...  apparently either stuck in the brambles or confused and unable to get out of the low branches of a huge cedar tree. When he sees my flashlight, and me, he worms his way through the underbrush and comes to me...  and...  as only Rylee can do...  he crawls on his belly the last foot or so. (Rylee is a rescue dog... who knows what kind of a life he had 3 years ago....)....  Anyway, I pick him up (he's tiny...  a Benjy type dog) and we take him to the house.  Celeste is getting ready for work...  the door is locked... we finally get her attention...  put Rylee in the house...  and head back to our rig.  We won't know until our daughter comes home how all this came about...  by 6am we're back in our rig, having breakfast and catching up on our computers.

The day turned cloudy, overcast, windy...  and cold.  Now, at 6pm it's 45 degrees.  What happened to Spring?

Anyway, aside from a  short drive into Glen Rose to the bank, PO and library, we've been home all day.  Mostly inside. 

Bill tried to make our airline reservations with Spirit online last evening...  got error codes...  ARG!  So today he called ....  twice....  I have no idea where the operators were located, but we definitely had a language barrier trying to get this done.  It should have been easy...  2 round trip tickets from DFW to San Jose, Costa Rica...  leaving on the 6am flight on March 28th,  returning on the 12:30pm flight on April 30th....  2 checked bags, 1 carryon.  So Simple... Right?  Well, after about an hour on the phone we did finally have a confirmation number...  but...  we had the phone on "speaker" and by the end of the whole thing I was spouting 4 letter words, my BP was probably sky high, and I took a long walk in the windy, cold outdoors just to chill out.  Bill takes it all in stride....    Anyway, we do have our flight scheduled now.

It was really mostly an indoor kind of day...  I picked up a G.M. Ford book from the library (Nameless Night) and hunkered down with that most of the afternoon.

I had plucked a couple of wildflowers blooming at the library and in the yard here...  tried my darnest to ID them...  Got out my Newcomb's Wildflower Guide (circa 1977...  from a biology class WAY back then!)....  but...  really didn't have much luck.  Somewhere I have a Peterson's Field Guide to Texas Wildflowers...  maybe I can find it and do better.

 But, come dinnertime...  it's time to be productive again.   Well, all good blogs have photos...  right?  So...  here's dinner...

Pan fried trout and a medly of (sort of) stir fried veggies....

I wanted to try some of this...
Corn Truffle...  which is really a fungus that grows on corn kernals....  But...  see the nice light colored stuff on the label?
This is what was inside the can...  Is it good?  I don't know...  I guess it tasted okay, but I was kind of leary to add it to the veggies....  I put the can in the fridge to decide its fate later.

But...  I did add...
The can of zucchini flowers.

So...  Dinner came out really nice...
Okay...  I KNOW those are really big servings...  I guess I never did learn how to cook for tiny appetites....

Add to that a glass of cold, white wine...

Not a bad day considering.......

That's All for Today....


  1. Wow! where have you been! I just saw you on my blog and said .. what? love this! and I just read your passing the security guard test? HAhaaa... love it.

    I gotta go read some of your older posts... nice to meet you! ;)

  2. Okay, the trout and the veggies look yummy...but that corn truffle stuff, ehhh...I don't think so LOL!!

    I'm glad you found the little dog and got him back home. I wonder how he got out there? Poor little guy.

  3. I would not eat the can of truffles. The zucchini flowers sound interesting, never saw them in a can.

  4. We call that stuff "corn smut." We just call it , we don't eat it. Neither do we eat treacle or spotted dick.

    The Good Luck Duck

  5. Here is hoping your travels to Costa Rica are more exciting than the reservation process. I am so thankful to be retired from the Airline Industry. It seemed, all to often, folks got so annoyed with the initial reservation process that they arrived at the airport ready to do battle. Oh well, that was another life! Here is hoping the new adventure will be all you hope it will be and ...more! I am glad Rylee is back safe and sound.

    Just BS!(Bob and Sue)

  6. That trout and veggie dinner looks good! We are going camping and fishing for the weekend. I have the weekend off so it will be nice. Hope to catch a good fish fry like yours.
    Murrieta, CA

  7. I just finished reading some of your older entries and I must say you are not all that odd!! What an adventurer and a bucket list to boot...Enjoy the freedom

  8. What are you doing for one month in Costa Rica anyway??? and by the way..I made your "Odd Essay" Shrimp and it was WONDERFUL!!!! I will give the recipe to our kids...The only trouble I had was wrapping those damn shrimp in bacon and chili strips....not very coordinated...Thanks for sharing your recipe!!! Keep blogging on your trip!!

  9. i don't think I could eat that corn stuff. It looked terrible!

  10. Dinner looks great , but don't know about the corn truffle.