Along the Natchez Trace

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Food For Thought and Other Happenings

I've been reading a lot of blogs about food lately.  These are always interesting...  especially since I love to cook and I love to eat.  I checked my freezer to see what we had stashed away....

There is lamb, alligator, crayfish, bison, shrimp and octopus.  We had the bear for dinner last night and that was all we had of that.  In the veggie drawer are peppers, squash, cauliflower and carrots.  The eggplant went into the dish with the bear meat...  And there are onions, garlic and potatoes in the storage bin.  And, of course, the half dozen of avocados ripening on the window sill.  We're definitely omnivores!  Someday I'll write about the spruce grouse road kill we had for dinner......

So...  what was for breakfast today?
Ployes  (Acadian style buckwheat pancakes)
Lots of Maine (local) blueberries
Maine made Maple syrup
Jimmy Dean link sausages
(not everything was from Maine)

I can just see my Vegan and Vegetarian friends recoiling....
Damn!  It was GOOD!

Bills' been really busy lately.  He's been on the BIG tractor with the BIG mower (15' span)
It's time to mow the Weapon Storage Area
The Upland Sandpipers are gone...
Time to get the fields mowed so they'll return next year.

The bunkers are covered with earth...  trees and various weeds grow all over them.  So it's an "up and down" mowing job.

The refuge just got a new road approved... 
Bill took the Excavator to the site this morning...
It's mind boggling how many agencies get involved in a simple project.  Because this will cross a stream, the Corps of Engineers had to approve.  Then there's the Wetlands habitat...  and the nesting habitat....  and the list goes on.
It's a wonder that anything ever gets done!
But...  it all got approved and the work will start soon.

I was out and about this morning....
Saw 3 shorebirds in the marsh...
The light was poor and I didn't have my scope...
Since lots of birds are migrating now I can't even venture a guess what I saw without getting a better look.  
By the time I got back to the marsh with my scope they had moved on.  Hopefully I'll get another look this evening.

We're quickly winding down here....  Only 2 more weeks left. 
I get really mixed feelings as time to leave draws close.
Sad to leave a place I love...
Anxious to see my family again.

Hey...  about those butt shots....
The End
The End
The End

That's All For Today!


  1. I could have made a pig of myself over that breakfast. Thanks for more wonderful pictures; it's great to be able to see it along with you.

  2. Oooh, I wanna play on the tractor!!! I'll be over tomorrow morning for breakfast!

  3. That was one great looking breakfast!!

  4. oh, man! that breakfast! love the animal ends... hahaaaa so cute

  5. Nice post. That's a wonderful looking breakfast!

  6. I got a good laugh out of your triple ending. Yours is the first blog I've read this morning and those ployes with blueberries really made my mouth water--yum! Sounds like you folks really have a very eclectic diet. But I guess that would follow since you lead such an eclectic, interesting life!