Along the Natchez Trace

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Mostly More Moose

We moved our motorhome yesterday afternoon...  not far....  just a couple miles up the road to the new maintenance shop.  They guys had to take down the huge overhead door because the door company was coming this morning with a new type of door.  The new door will have windows, allowing some natural light in the inside of the shop.  Rather than leave it unattended with the shop wide open, we moved our rig to just outside the bay.

So, this morning when I went for my early drive, I started from a different end.  It's funny how a little thing like that puts a different perspective on things...

There was a gorgeous sunrise
It got in the 50's again last night so there is fog rising over the lake and the marsh.

Sometimes the light casts different colors and shadows...
These 2 Great Blue Herons are waiting patiently for breakfast.

Just across from them, the light was different...
Almost a golden cast to the 5 Great Blue Herons here.

There were a lot of ducks in the marsh this morning...
Mama Black Duck and her ducklings were out for a swim.

I raised my binoculars a bit...
Saw this cow and calf moose out in the marsh.
They watched me for a few minutes, then ambled off.

I headed to the photo blind, but the fog on the lake was too dense to see much.

As I was continuing my drive, I headed on to check one of my game cameras.

Rounded a curve...  and...
Another cow and calf moose were watching me.
They, too, wandered off.....

And I continued on....
Changed out the memory card on the first camera, drove to a different area to another camera
And in the nearby area was....
Another cow and calf moose.  The calf had gone on ahead of mom, so all I got was the mama moose.

I've seen only 1 bear in the last 2 or 3 weeks... and hadn't been seeing many moose.

I guess this mornings sightings made up for the dry spell.

Oh yes...  the birds I couldn't ID the other day...
Got a better look...  decided they are Lesser Yellow Legs.
If I'm wrong, please let me know....

I'm still painting....  bought a few more gallons of paint a day or so ago....  That boiler room started looking so good, we decided to paint the floor as well...
Even bought paint for the outside doors!

I think I've used 10 gallons of paint so far...
Still counting (or... painting)

That's All For Today!


  1. I would love to see a Moose. In fact I would love to see any wildlife. We've been wandering around a lot of Montana this summer and I've seen a herd of antelope and about six deer and that's it. Most of the birds I'm seeing are crows and turkey vultures. Not real exciting.

  2. Beautiful pictures. I never could get up early enough to see the sun rise in Maine. It starts an hour before the posted time you know. I think they should call it "sun risen" , just to let us know that sun rise is over.

  3. Do you set your alarm in the morning, or do you just naturally wake up that early? I'd have to set my alarm. :)

  4. I'm so glad the moose are thriving there in Maine. The moose populations in Northern Minnesota have been afflicted with a wasting disease that is contagious for deer as well. It's so sad because cows and calves are most susceptible.

  5. I can't believe you're still painting. What a trooper!

    Photos are wonderful. The sunrise is beautiful and that is a stunning effect with the great blue herons. I have to admit though, when I read the caption: "Saw this cow and calf moose out in the marsh," I read it as, "Saw this cow-and-a-half mosey out in the marsh." First I checked the photo; then I read the caption again. I'd still like to see a cow-and-a-half.

  6. Great photos! Moose country is the place to be (but I'm biased!) :)

  7. Still painting huh? I'll bet it's sooo cool to site those moose, along with other critters. Can you push some of that cool air my way, please??
    It sure is beautiful where you are.

  8. Great sunrise photo! The pics of the Moose are terrific too - good job!

  9. You sure see a nice variety of birds and wildlife. That first photo is so pretty, it almost looks like a water painting.

  10. Great photos, Mom! I can feel the peace of Maine from here.