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Monday, August 13, 2012

Some of My Favorites... or..... Summer Re-Runs

We've spent much of our time this past weekend giving Refuge Tours.  They've been fun, and actually are one of my favorite things to do here.  Yeah, I took a few pictures, but you've all seen the bunkers, the guard shack and the 12' high fence.

Thought I'd get away from the refuge for a bit and revisit some of my favorite critters....

A few years ago, Bill & I took a trip up to Churchill, Manitoba to see the polar bears...
This Mama Bear and her Cub walked right past our tour bus.

This curious fellow decided to check us out...
Hello in there......

Of course we were told to keep our windows closed and our hands and other appendages inside the bus.  
But I managed to snap this shot from the other end of the bus...
This was a great trip....  what memories!

Another time we went on a Whale Watch...
We heard the whales before we saw them.  It was a very foggy day and visibility was limited.
But we were rewarded by this...
Seeing the "fluke" is just an outstanding sight!
This was in the Atlantic, off the coast of Newfoundland.

I'm kind of partial to the 4-legged critters...
Nothing like a trio of big horn sheep to make a person grab that camera and start shooting!

We spent hours at "Goat Lick" at Glacier Nat'l Park...
It's just amazing how sure-footed mountain goats are!
They'd be WAY up in tiny crevices....  it was just unbelievable.

I guess this could be a "Butt Shot", but I just love the expression on this one's face.

Even Mom and the kids got in on the act.  
This was one of our all-time favorite places!

Prairie Dog Villages are such a delight...
Watching them pop in and out of their burrows is fun.  I like it best when we get to see the little guys.....  more good memories!

Of course all babies are cute....
This little guy was up in this cherry tree having a snack.
He had a hard time deciding whether to keep eating or run back to Mama.  Mama won out.....
This is another Aroostook NWR shot that I took last year.

And one last photo...
Looks almost like he's posing, doesn't it?
I took this photo last year...  again, here at Aroostook.

Like all re-runs, I figure this could get old fast, so I tried to pick out a few of my favorites.  It was hard though...   bisons, elk, porcupines, wild horses, seals, dolphins, pronghorn, javelinas.....  on and on and on.....  AND... that doesn't even include the birds!

I feel truly fortunate that we have had the opportunities we've had in our travels....

I might title this "re-runs", but, to me, they are wonderful memories!

That's All For Today!


  1. I can't wait to photograph my first bear in the wild!!!

  2. I'm so glad you took this rerun. I love the pictures - especially the polar bear looking in the winter. That is just priceless.

  3. Wow, what an incredible, adventurous life you lead! Thanks for sharing all your wonderful pictures.

  4. I love hearing about your adventures. Keep the pictures coming!

  5. Those are some wonderful "re-run" photos. I enjoyed every one of them!

  6. Wish all re-runs were that good! I think the polar bear was just checking out the frozen food locker!!

  7. Now those are wildlife encounters! I would love to say hi to a polar bear like that :) Thank you for sharing!

  8. Incredible photos! That illegal shot of the polar bear from the bus window is wonderful.

  9. Those are some really great photos of your re-runs. I enjoyed them all. Especially that bear photo from the bus. Really nice post.

  10. Lovely photo of Polar Bear looking through window.
    He looks peaceable enough but..........!