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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Grocery Shopping and a Few Birds

We've had some cold and windy weather but unfortunately, no rain.  The farm ponds are drying up really fast.  Yesterday we saw a couple of ducks on one of the ponds as we drove to town, but we've seen very few birds in the time we've been here.  Even our bird feeders haven't attracted more than a dozen or so birds which is kind of unusual for this time of year.

Our "most frequently sighted" bird...
Yeah...  that's a black vulture.  
I know...  one ugly bird!  But they're the original recycler!

I read a blog recently about grocery shopping...  the blogger had gone to a brand new Trader Joe's in Florida and they were disappointed in what they found.  They were used to Whole Foods markets and found the TJ's lacking.  I love Trader Joe's and one opened fairly recently in Ft Worth so we've made a couple of trips there to shop.  But I got on-line and found that a Whole Foods is located in Arlington, which is somewhat northeast of Ft Worth.  (you sort of drive right out of one city into the next without really seeing any difference).  

We had to make a trip to Ft Worth last week and decided to check out the Whole Foods.  It's been a while since we've shopped at one...  I think the last time was maybe when we lived in Albuquerque a few years ago.

We found the store,  which is located about 60-70 miles from where we are staying.
The store was HUGE!  
It was just a mile or so off I30 so was easy to find.  

Walking around inside was almost overwhelming!
 The produce section was quite colorful as well as nutritious!

 That's Bill...  the cart is empty now, but, believe me, it quickly got loaded with all kinds of goodies!

I kind of forgot to take any pictures for quite a while...  We were busy reading labels, filling bags with bulk foods, and just cruising every aisle so we wouldn't miss a thing.

I was like a kid looking at a Christmas tree!

One of the neatest things was the "salad" bar.  
There was a large section of the store with prepared foods.  You filled up your container with whatever you wanted.  
Everything was well labeled...  no matter if you are omnivorous, vegetarian or vegan, you'd have no problem finding your kind of food.

 These olives kind of reminded me of La Ramba in Barcelona.  I wanted to try them all! 

It was hard to choose what to put in my "lunch box".

When you're done, they weigh your container...  it's all $7.99 a pound.
I think together, our lunch cost around $20.00.
We had both overloaded and so had plenty left over for dinner that night.

Do I still like Trader Joe's?
Yes I do, and they do have quality foods at a good price.
(and there's always "Two Buck Chuck")

But I can certainly understand that bloggers statements about size and choices.  
Of course, I'm happy shopping in any grocery store.

I doubt if we drive that distance to shop there very often...  but it was fun to see what they have to offer.

I do see one other bird around at times...
I love seeing the roadrunner!
There are a pair that live around the corner from here.  It's always a treat for me to encounter them when I'm heading to town.

They're fast little rascals...  dash across the road before I can get my camera out...  often all I get is...
"The End"

That's All For Today!


  1. That store and what it has to offer is pretty impressive. Love the Road Runner!

  2. Those apples really look delicious! We don't have either Trader Joe's or Whole Foods here in NE Ohio. We have Sam's Clubs, Giant Eagle, and Walmart which call themselves "super stores". But our favorite for fruits and veggies and meat, believe it or not, is a small family owned store named Rulli Brothers and they beat the big stores prices every time!

    I've never seen a roadrunner before so enjoyed your pics even if it was "the end"

  3. We just got a Whole Foods last year and it's fun and neat inside but sure is expensive. We do as much as possible at Costco, and try to hit the sales at Kroger and Publix.

  4. Lucky you seeing a roadrunner. When visiting the four-corners area I kept hoping to see one but only found one at the zoo. An employee told me they're hard to find in the wild. I like Trader Joes but they are so small that I find it hard to get around with a cart. I went to a Whole Foods over in Minneapolis once and found it expensive but I splurged and bought a package of home-made marshmallows. They were wonderful! Have a nice Thanksgiving with all your Whole Foods bounty.

  5. I have to drive a little over an hour to Whole Foods, but there is a Trader Joe's just minutes away so I hit them both once in awhile. I like TJ's for a few specific items: their sourdough bread, their cereals, their nuts, the Champs Elysses salad mix and the Black Diamond white cheddar. They also have an unusual frozen food section and for some reason their oranges are juicier and sweeter than anywhere else! Whole Foods has an unbeatable produce section and much more to offer in every other area. I'm especially found of their 365 brand and buy everything from tuna to to baba ghanoush as well as shampoo and conditioner. If you're just looking for variety, Whole Foods wins hands down, but TJ's has some items to offer that Whole Foods does not. Superior quality products at either location. I read that other post too, BTW!