Along the Natchez Trace

Friday, November 9, 2012

Slight Change of Plans....

When we left Ohio in October we had "sketchy" plans in mind.  I write it that way because as is more the norm than the exception, what we thought we'd be doing and what we're actually doing isn't exactly the same.

We'd planned to get our annual check-ups (we do all our medical stuff in Granbury, Tx now), then find a job as gate guards.  Gate Guarding is something we've wanted to do for several years but didn't really know how to go about it until this past spring.  We took that test that certifies us to be security guards (okay... those of you who have taken it know it's not really much of a test) with the intention of looking for our very own gate this fall.

Back to the plans....  nothing serious, but age has taken its toll and I need a "lift".  Nah...  not a face job ...  (although that might be a good thing) just need my plumbing updated.

A few months ago Murr Brewster, who writes "Murrmurrs" had a hilarious blog about this very thing.  At the time I laughed until...  well you know....  not really thinking that my time was coming.

So in a couple of weeks I'll get my little problem fixed.  Which means no gate guarding this year.  It also means that we'll set back our 2 months in Spain from Jan/Feb to Feb/March.  I must write to Mitchell and see if we'll  be there during the flamenco events....

Plans can, and often are, changed.  I read several other blogs and am always sorry when someone has to change their plans due to health reasons.  I'm always happy to hear when they are ready to get on the road again.

Probably 75% (or maybe more) of the travelin' folks we know, or know of, travel as a couple.  Many have dogs as part of their family.  We who have a companion (the 2 legged kind)  have someone to take us to the doctor, fix meals, and even take out the dog when we can't.

What do solo travelers do?  One great blogger I read has to have a hip replaced.  I have no idea what all that entails...  especially the rehab time frame.  I'm sure most have us have thought about all this...  checked into the Care Center at Escapees in Livingston...  maybe even things like Visiting Nurses, Meals on Wheels and other programs designed to help when we need it.

Many blogs I read are by "some time" RVers...  they still have a home base...  maybe even a house and family support in an area that they can return to for these needs.

But no matter what situation a person is in, when something needs fixed... whether us, our companion, or a blogger we feel like we know, it makes me stop and think.

 I'm fortunate (or just oblivious?) in that I always feel that things work out as they are supposed to.

Our plans might change...  or be changed for us... but usually those changes are so much better in the long run.  Here's hoping that we all have lots of happy miles left - on our rigs, and on ourselves!

That's All For Today!

P.S. Did you notice that the cows are in the road... fenced OUT of those fields?  Isn't open range ranching interesting?


  1. Flexibility is definitely the name of the game. Especially as we get older and we face more and more medical issues. Wishing you the very very best with your "lift". I'll probably be looking at the same thing in a couple of years. Oh joy. Growing up in Montana open range is about all I ever knew. Taught you to be very careful when you were driving down the road.

  2. I did notice the cows in the road. You beat me to it. And, I always assume things will work out for the best. So does my sister, except she visualizes it, then waits for it. Easy peasy, either way.

  3. I'm thinking that this surgery and all it entails can't be as bad as what I'm dealing with now. Emma is destined to visit a kennel for a few weeks. I can't take the chance of her exuberance causing me a set back in my rehabilitation or a fall. My brother has volunteered to come to my aid for a few weeks. Quite a surprise to me. I think things work out if you maintain a positive attitude. (not always easy to do) Having a 2 legged companion would certainly make things a lot easier, but things are what they are. It's better living this lifestyle solo than stagnating away in an apartment somewhere. I get a lot of support from my friends in blogland. It will work out one way or another...

    I can't believe you want to gate guard. :O Yuck!! :)

    1. I've already made plans to do it solo if I lose my Wayne someday...can't waste what life you're given for fear of being on your own, right, Judy? He rolls his eyes every time I point out what kind of compact rig I'll get if he kicks the bucket on me. We all seem to be of similar adaptable minds around this blogging circle!

  4. Good luck with the plumbing. Good reminder that things work out as they should. You're right, plans can certainly change.

  5. There's a lot of good grass where those cows are, and I'll be they're enjoying every bite!!

  6. We're travelers, and at this age we're buying cancellation insurance for an upcoming longer trip. Who knows when one of us will need another "fix"?

  7. Good luck with your surgery. Your positive attitude will keep you going for a long time and enjoying life so much more. I like it!

  8. Had my colonoscopy today, my dear. As I said to the tech, it is what it is. Life happens and you roll with it. Being able to adapt to those changes agreeably is a gift and makes life a lot easier "in the end"! Good luck!