Along the Natchez Trace

Friday, November 2, 2012

Happy Birthday, Natalie!

Our kids all left home as soon as they got out of school...  they not only left home, they left Ohio.

The girls got married and all three of them have lived in various places all over the USA. In fact, one of them even lived in Germany for a few years.  So our five grandkids were born in California, Washington, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona.

Our son is the only one who stayed in Ohio but he's the only one who doesn't have kids.

We've made it to all of their graduation ceremonies and see them all at least once a year, but one thing we've just not been around for is birthdays.

This year we're in Texas in time for our youngest grandchilds birthday...  she's 20 years old today.

That's Jordan, Natalie's boyfriend, decorating her car.

Happy Birthday, Natalie!
Lots of love from Grandma Sharon & Grandpa Bill!

Oh my Goodness!...  you're no longer a teenager....
Darn!  These kids grow up way too fast!

That's All For Today!


  1. Youngest grandchild is 20? Here I thought you were only 49!

  2. Happy Birthday, Natalie - enjoy your weekend!