Along the Natchez Trace

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Happy As A Hog in Mud....

As I do every day, after dinner this evening I headed up to the pond.  Since my lawn chairs were taken (another blog for another day) a couple of weeks ago I just haven't spent as much time there.  But tonight I drove up...  had a good place to sit and could use the car as a photo blind.  Works quite well...

I'm usually there about an hour... long enough that if I sit quietly, the critters consider me just part of the landscape and carry on with their usual evening habits.

I've been fortunate in seeing coyotes, deer, bobcat, numerous birds - both waterfowl and songbirds - as well as the frogs and insects.  

Tonight I saw something big and dark coming out of the weeds across the pond...

At first I thought it was a young cow...  but...  no...
 This guy was HUGE!  A Wild BOAR!
I bet he would come up mid-thigh on me...  and he had to weigh over 100 pounds.....  probably a lot more. 

Most wild critters are scared of humans and will quickly disappear if they see you.  A wild boar is nothing to mess with and I was glad I was clear across the pond from him.  Also that I could watch him from my car.

Now...  about that saying...
 This guy started rooting around in the mud along the bank of the pond.  You can see it's really gummy, really slick and no doubt slimy.  His huge snout just kept pushing up more and more mud...

Then he laid down...  settling himself in ... wallowing around and getting all comfy.
I think he took about a 15 minute mud bath...
Yep!  Happy As A Hog in Mud!

Then...  time to get up and head back into the thicket...

I really don't think the mud bath did much for his looks either.

Boar hunts (along with feral hogs) are "game" animals in Texas....  there may even be an open season all year long as these critters cause a lot of problems.  I've eaten a lot of different kinds of meat, but so far, don't think I've had wild boar.  I'll tell you one thing... this big guy is safe from me....  I'll keep my distance.

By the way...  I'm having more internet server problems... or blog problems... or heck..  some kind of problems.  I haven't been able to comment on anyone's blog for about a week now.  I have no idea what's wrong, but I write my comment... hit the "send" button...  nothing happens.  While I haven't had anything really profound to say, I do miss not being able to comment.  We're thinking of heading out in just a few more days, so I guess I'll wait until we have better service and see what happens.

That's All For Today!


  1. Oh yeah, I can see why you would keep your distance from this fella. He sure seems to like his bath. Probably soothing to his skin.

  2. Brilliant! loved this .... the wild boar is the mascot for the Arkansas Razorbacks, y'know. pigs kill me with all the rootin and mud loving... mean big ol little toots...

    just stellar pictures, Sharon...

  3. As you know, feral hogs are a bane to many wildlife refuges. Sure glad they haven't migrated to Minnesota.

  4. Ya, I don't think I'd like running into that wild hog. They're a bit scary. I've been pre-occupied lately with switching computers and transferring all my info from one to another. That took some time and patience. I have plenty of time - patience not so much! LOL

  5. He does look happy!!

    These guys are such a menace, and it seems no matter how much they are hunted they can't really be controlled.

    We hope that your next spot offers more stable internet access.


  6. Have you considered a MiFi booster. Check out RV Sue has a page at the top of her blog with the design for an Antenna mount and information on a Wilson directional antenna that helps her get internet where she normally couldn't. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  7. Great sequence of photos! I'll bet a nice snuggle in the cool mud is a delight on a hot day!

  8. Nice pictures! Looks like a lot of fun playing in the mud:)