Along the Natchez Trace

Monday, June 17, 2013

Plans? Not yet....

There hasn't been much rain in this area (about 50 miles southwest of Ft Worth), but the land is anything but barren.  It may not be enough to support herds of cattle, but it's always amazing to me how the wildflowers thrive.
Guess this just confirms that things adapt to their environment...  and that native plants are just that... native to their habitat.  

Some of the wildflowers in bloom now....

The sprinkler is hard at work in areas of Celeste's lawn.  She's not trying to make the whole place green, but would sure like a small area that she can make into a flower garden.  I'll have to take some photos of her little oasis...  she's been planting perennials and each year it just looks better and better.

The birds loved the area where the sprinkler was spraying water.  A whole family of cardinals enjoyed it for at least an hour...  bathing, preening and just savoring the water.
And this butterfly hung out for quite a while...
A Giant Swallowtail
He kept fluttering his wings which made getting a good photo of him almost impossible.  But the field markings are distinct  despite his movements.

Celeste has a couple of deer feeders set up.  They automatically dispense corn at set times.  There is a large herd of white-tailed deer here, and at times, a dozen or more can be seen at the feeders.  The does are bringing their fawns to the feeders and they are a delight to watch...  especially when they get frisky and play while mom is having breakfast.
In the lower, middle photo, that little guy got too close to a doe that wasn't his mom.  She moved him on pretty fast!

Now... about those plans...
Bill has a "boot" on order that should get here tomorrow.  He's been doing okay hobbling around, but something more stable will be better - kind of give him limits of what he can/can't do.
We had already planned to stay here at Celeste's for at least a week before heading to NM for a family visit.  It will be easier to decide what to do next week after he's used that boot for a while.

We've been retired 17 years now...  been living on the road for over 12 years....  so we're used to being flexible and kind of live the "go with the flow" kind of life.  And the neat thing is...  no matter where you are - whether it's YOUR plans or not - there's always something interesting to see and do.
Hey... what's out there in this big world anyway?

Guess it's time to learn more about the wildflowers that bloom in Texas in June!

That's All For Today!


  1. I have always enjoyed those flowers that look like the center is a strawberry. I think they're called Indian Blanket or something like that.

    Are those the Doublemint Twins in your header? :)

  2. Love the flower pictures!! And little fawns...

  3. We're up for lots of wildflowers and butter flies. And that adorable little fawn butt in your header....

  4. There is always something blooming some where in Texas at all times. Thanks for the great picutures.

  5. I love the desert flowers. But those fawns are the cutest things. Baby animals just can't be beat. I'm getting better at that "go with the flow" but sometimes I still have problems with it.

  6. Our yard in San Antonio looks awful. Watering only once a week doesn't cut it. You can water by hand during certain hours daily but our tenant will never do it. We'll just have to wait!

  7. Wish we could send along some of the recent rains we've had on the Va eastern shore, but then we need it as well since lately we have not been getting lots of rain storms. Always seems to go around our area.

  8. 12 years... and still find the wonderment ... outstanding. The drive from West Texas to New Mexico? oh, baruther ... I know you've done it but why you want to do it again? lol

    In the summertime??? man oh man

    Sweetwater has a rattlesnake roundup... don't recall when but I mean... that's something to see if you haven't ... crazy cowboys jumping in a pit of rattlenakes... they build a whole festival around it and crown a queen and all manner of thises and thats...

    Texas at it's cowboy peak... I just might google that... hold on. well, shoot! you missed by a couple of months... !

    well? there's always next time.

  9. NICE photos! Love your wild flowers, and Butterflies. Also, the deer photos are great fun!

  10. What an amazing assortment of wildflowers! That reminds me of being at the Petrified Forest in Arizona once. The profusion of wildflowers there attracted flocks of hummingbirds. It was just wonderful.