Along the Natchez Trace

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunday Morning Oddities....

Our motorhome is located about 5 miles from the closest town...  up the lane of a dead-end road.  We're not in sight of the road at all and the only house we see from our rig is our daughter's house.  Might sound boring to some, but there's never a dull moment here. She has deer feeders, bird feeders and water troughs available year-round.  It's always a pleasure when we visit her as the wildlife here is in abundance.

Today was different...  yeah... we had the usual birds...
 Bewick's wren...

House Finch

Caroline Chickadee

Even caught a view of this turkey...
 Seems to be a lone hen hanging out these days...  we see her often.

Then...  we noticed we weren't the only one's watching the wildlife this morning...
There were some deer having their breakfast underneath the automatic feeder.  Frankenstein, our granddaughters cat...  better known as Frankie...  was stalking the deer that shows in the background...

 He's slowly sneaking up on that big doe...  hugging close to the ground...  taking his time for the attack.  But Frankie didn't notice that a big buck had seen him and got curious.  The buck started stalking Frankie.  

By the time Frankie saw the buck he must have figured it was too late to run, so he hunkered as flat to the ground as he could get...  even flattened his ears to make himself look smaller...

The buck got close enough to give Frankie a few very close-up sniffs...  decided he wasn't worth messing with and turned around and walked away.  Frankie, being a true cat through and through, acted like nothing had happened and walked quite nonchalantly back towards our rig.  He must have decided that doe wasn't worth pursuing after all.  

Hardly finished that scene and saw this doe munching down on Celeste's newly planted grass.
Wait a minute...  there's a bird sitting on her back!
 That's an Eastern Phoebe using the doe's rump as a launching pad for his flights.
We've seen cattle egrets perched on the backs of cows but this was the first time we've seen a sight like this.

Guess we were lucky enough to see the morning drama with a new experience thrown in for good measure.

What a great way to start the day!

That's All For Today!


  1. Looks like you watched Rick's tutorial on speech bubbles too. :)

  2. My friend has year round deer and bird feeders, and a dear departed cat named Pawsie. Birds seemed not to interest him; he spent his life trying to bring down a deer. Carol has a picture of him airborne, jumping over the back of a deer that charged him. Oh, the secret lives of animals. Celeste's back yard is also not to be missed.

  3. And don't forget those cowbirds perching on the backs of animals. Wallace got the bubble but could not figure out how to write in it??? I haven't even tried.

  4. This is a great series of photos, and I enjoyed your narrative and sense of humor too!

  5. Great nature channel you have there. I would LOVE it. Enjoyed the drama between the cat and the deer LOL!

  6. Your header photo is just gorgeous! I love your description of the cat's behavior at being "busted" while stalking the doe. That is so typical!

  7. Saw your comment on Cup on a Bus. The title of your blog intrigued me. Our neighbors did the 6 months RV/Park thing in Montana last year. We Rv but not very far from home. We have been raising two of our grandchildren so our trips have been mostly to McDonald's with about 7 cruises thrown in. Jody, The Medicare Mom

  8. Oh those cats! Sounds like you're parked in our kind of place. People just need to open their eyes. Have fun!

  9. Sharon! omg .... HAHaaaaa Frankie... I tell you what fun it is to watch cats and their nonchalantness ... love it

    The Bunting! I'm a city kid but I tell you, if I had money? a place like your daughter's would be wonderful. A penthouse in the city and then acreage with nothing but nature and its denizens... what a deal that would be. ... maybe a beach house ... chalet in the mountains

    oh, well sigh ...

  10. That's a funny post with the cat and the deer and the deer with bird on back. Great photos!