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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Falling Water

No, we're not in Pennsylvania at the house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright...  we're right here near Glen Rose, Texas at our daughter's house.  She and her husband had a water feature created near their home a few years ago.
The original structure
The water was supposed to flow over the rocks in the back into the pool.  It worked for a while but began leaking and having all kinds of problems.  Finally, Celeste found a company that specializes in water features and the owner Trey, came out a month or so ago and checked it all out.  He felt he could "remodel" the current area and create a water feature that would not only work, but be more aesthetically pleasing.

Trey's company, DFW Ponds, Inc, is out of Decatur, Tx...  a couple of hours north of here.  They arrived this past Monday with a full load, and ready to work.
Trey has been doing this kind of work for quite a while, and has had his own business for 17 years.  His son and 2 other young men work with him.

The first thing they had to do was remove the present structure.  Those rocks took a lot of heft to lift and they had the equipment to do it.  That's Bill in the upper left picture...  he did all the wiring... both taking out the old and putting in the new.  

This is still Day One....  lots of work just removing rocks, concrete and debris.

The rocks at the far end are gone now.  The fish have been put in holding tanks and are safe and sound.  The guys are cleaning out the old bed so they can start anew.

Day Two
All cleaned out and ready to put the new liner in....

More of the liner.  The conduit for the electricity...  not only do the pumps need water, but also there will be underwater lighting when it's finished.

 The design begins to take shape....
There will be a waterfall at the far end...  the water will come out of the rocks, flow down onto another level, move through a rock bed, much like a mountain stream, then cascade down into the fish pond.

Day Three and Four
The rocks have been placed to create the waterfalls and the stream.  That's the whole crew in the upper right photo...  showing Celeste how it all works.  In the lower left photo, Lane is putting the finishing touches to the liner.  It all had to be tucked in... nothing shows...  and the guys placed each rock individually to achieve just the visual scene they were creating.

Day Four and Five
In the lower right photo Lane is putting the fish back into the finished pond.  The guys had quite a lot of equipment and stuff to pack up when the job was finished.

I took a lot of photos of the whole process, but my favorite part was this....
Celeste has a house next door that they operate as a Bed and Breakfast.  Since her house is a few miles from town the guys stayed in the house for the week they were here.  I had the pleasure of fixing breakfast, lunch and dinner for those 4 days.  Breakfast at 6:30 am...  lunch around noon and dinner around 6 or 7pm, whenever they wanted to call it a day.

These guys work very hard, and boy! can they ever put the food down!  
That's Dalton on the far left, Cheeto, wearing the glasses, Lane at the end of the table, Trey on the right and Bill, with his back to the camera.

I was very impressed with this crew...  they were so polite and mannerly.  It was such a pleasure to have them as guests.  Everyone of them would make a Mama proud!

Remember what the old feature looked like?
 Now...  look at the new....
The fish have found their "hiding" tunnel, Celeste is already busy replanting some of the flowers that had to be moved, and we are all enjoying sitting on the nearby porch and listening to Celeste's own "Falling Water".

And, today is Celeste's birthday...  how appropriate that this was completed in time for her.

That's All For Today!


  1. Happy birthday to Celeste and she sure did get a big present, didn't she?

  2. As some one of those polite young men might have said, that was a job of work. Well done. And, happy birthday to your lovely daughter. I love bed and breakfast's.

  3. I saw your rig in the background. Will you be able to hear the falling water at night if it ever gets cool enough for you to have your windows open?

  4. That looks REALLY nice! They did a great job. Birds love the sound of running water. Happy Birthday to your daughter!

  5. Happy Birthday Celeste. The water feature looks wonderful - that really is a big improvement. I love the sound of moving water. And Sharon, it looks like you set a wonderful table. I'm sure they appreciated every meal.

  6. They are really doing beautiful things to that property. Thanks for the step-by-step photos! Happy birthday to Celeste!

  7. Well, Happy Birthday to Celeste, and what a nice water feature.

  8. Happy Birthday Celeste!
    The pond is absolutely beautiful. It looks very cool and refreshing.