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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Too Hot To Think of a Catchy Title...

That pretty much says it all...
Too many days in a row that the temps have been over 100 degrees..  and the heat index well over 110.
Too many days in a row without rain...  it sure is dry here.

I still try to get in my 10,000 steps each day.  I have to start early... try to get out by 7:00 am and back by 8:00.  That only gets me around 8,000 steps, but I make up the others during the day.  A trip to Wal-Mart, or Home Depot or H.E.B.....  or, if I feel real ambitious, I'll do some geocaching.

The other morning I walked out into the morning to this....
Pretty neat, huh?
I love seeing the different phases of the moon, and to see this was a treat.
Today (Aug 6) is just a few days away from the Perseid Meteorite Shower.  The peak should be August 11.. (I'm amending this to Aug 12 and 13... I've read 2 different reports).  I hope it's not too overcast and we get a lot of streaks through the night sky.  The key word here is "night"...  usually the prime time is around midnight or 1am.  Kinda late for this old girl....

Bill's been really busy here, despite his broken ankle...  This collage shows our daughter's storage shed and some of the things he's been doing.  It needed wired for electric...  the upper right photo is the wire he put in so he could install an outside light.  The lower right is one of the many electrical outlets he's installing.
 The left photo is Bill working on some shelving.  This shed was "remodeled" and is now "new and improved".  The old workbench has been removed...  Bill recycles everything...  the wood is now stacked for another use... all the old nails have been taken out.  Look at Bill...  his shirt is totally sweat-soaked.  AND... today was the first day he's not used that boot.  It's been 2 months since he had that break and I'm amazed at how much he did while wearing that boot.

Another project was making a new gate that separates the properties.
The old one was rotten and literally fell apart the last time it was opened.  The new gate is ready to put up...  the hinges are laying on top of the gate at the left.  Tomorrow morning, before it gets too hot, that's another job that Bill hopes to get done.

The contractor that's putting in the water feature will be here next week...  Bill will be doing the electric work on that.  After they leave, now that Bill's ankle is well on the mend, we'll be heading off as well.

Our plans now are to head to Bill's sisters place in Farmington, NM...  visit with her, then head to Ohio by the end of September.  In October we'll be heading to Baltimore, MD...  taking a cruise out of the harbor there up to Nova Scotia.  It's the annual Genealogy Conference that Bill attends.  We'll leave our motorhome at our place in Ohio and drive to Maryland.  Our daughter Donna lived in Baltimore for 6 years so I've made that trip many times in the past.  Kinda wished she lived there now instead of in the Hudson Valley of New York...  nah... not really, they really love their place in NY.

I think the Painted Buntings and Cardinals are getting some competition for the feeders now...
This white-winged dove and a couple of house sparrows were busy flipping seed all over the place.  Painted buntings are kind of unique (at least to me) in that they prefer millet over sunflower seeds.  They totally ignore the sunflower seed feeders....  but they sure do chow down on the millet!

I've written about the local farmer's market...
They were selling green tomatoes on Saturday...
I'd never pass up the chance to have fried green tomatoes...  these made a really tasty dish!
Of course I forgot to take a photo of them after I fried them... but let me assure you, they were very good.

Guess this has been one of those blogs that's all over the board...  nothing really exciting to write about, but doesn't stop me a bit from writing about all the trivial stuff in my life.

That's All For Today!


  1. I personally think coming up with blog titles is the hardest thing about blogging. That moon picture is awesome. Sure hope your weather cools down a little bit. Enough with the over 100's.

  2. Love that moon shot! I haven't managed to master the moon yet! That's quite a shed your daughter has. Love reading your blog.

  3. Thanks for the reminder about the meteor shower. I noticed Bill's 'wet' shirt right away. Send me some of those fried green tomatoes, will you? So tasty! A cruise to Nova Scotia in October? Sounds wonderful. I guess this comment is as all over as your post!

  4. Another great recipe for green tomatoes is India Relish. It's kind of like a sweet pickle relish - for hot dogs and hamburgers - but better. It's great on roast meats and even fish. If you can't find a recipe I'll dig around for mine. I just know it's here in the RV - someplace!

  5. Love the moon shot! I call that m'Cheshire cat moon... gorgeous. I also love the Hudson River Valley of New York... that is just gorgeous country.

    I was going to do Nova Scotia ... well east until the g'babyitis hit ... ha

    as far as blog fodder... I like reading about your day. or what you're thinking. or seeing Bill work with sweat pouring down 'em.. hahaaa

    I like reading blogs whose authors are real ... there are some that like to write ... that's cool, I like some of those too but I get the most enjoyment getting to know bloggers. always interesting to me how each of us spend our days... and ain't we all the bomb... seriously or not.

  6. Why does everyone but me love fried green tomatoes?

  7. Wow, Bill has sure been a busy beaver.

  8. Great shot of the Moon! I don't ever recall having green tomatoes - fried or not!

  9. I like the "all-over-the-board" posts. Just like talking to a friend!! Never had fried green tomaotes but I used to make and can a delish green tomato relish. Lost the recipe years ago and never been able to find it. Oh well, it was too much work anyway LOL!!

  10. Wish we could send some of our rain your way! We're as disgusted with that as you are with the heat. Great moon shot.

  11. Too bad you can't be in Nova Scotia right now away from the Texas heat!

  12. It's nice and cool in Colorado! We didn't even hit 70 yesterday. We've been getting rain showers every afternoon. I expect to start seeing snow on the mountains any day now (that might be just wishful thinking!)

  13. You can send Bill over here to England when he's finished. We could do with him!! Those green tomatoes look awesome. I have never had them. I thought they were just under ripe.

  14. Catch up blog posts are always nice to read, Sharon. Glad to read that Bill's ankle is nearly healed and that you will soon be off on more adventures. Your daughter will surely miss his helpfulness. Grenville's is very much like bill in salvaging and recycling...the old wood flooring from our front porch is now the flooring in his enlarged workshop. It's been warm and humid here on the VA eastern shore too, but you have us beat in the temp and humidity index and that's OK with me. The Nova Scotia cruise sounds like a fun trip.

  15. Bill is amazing! Great photo of the moon. My camera just can't capture that. Great in daylight and artificial light; but not with the night sky. Hope you get some relief from the heat.