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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Walk Around the Block... Revisited

A week or so ago my blog was about the walking trail that our daughter Celeste had created around the edge of their property.  For me, the walk is about 1,000 steps and I think 3 laps for me would net me about 1 mile of walking.    The trail wanders through the post oak and juniper stands...  through several open areas and along a creek that for much of the year is dry.

A couple of days ago I startled a Red-tail hawk in one of the open areas.  I had my camera with me, but wasn't quick enough to capture his picture.  My loss....   

Recently, the stone masons were back to put field stone on the lower 4' or so of the storage shed.  but, the exciting thing was, when they finished this, Celeste had commissioned them to build some stone benches at places along the path.

This is the biggest bench...  it gives a person (actually, several people) a place to sit and relax while viewing the feeders.  There are little "shelves" built into the design to set your drink on.    

This one also has ledges to set your drink or camera or binoculars...  or whatever....  It's not located on the path but near the nearby Guest House/Bed and Breakfast that Celeste and Victor operate.  You can sit here in the shade and watch the horseshoe or badminton game going on in the grassy area.

Walking along the path, you come across this bench...
It has a grassy spot behind it, and in front is more woody.  I think this one will eventually have some flowering bushes or other perennials nearby.  Also, bird feeders and probably a bird bath will be added soon.

The final bench...
Nestled among the trees in a shady spot, it too has ledges for drinks or if it's me, my camera and binoculars.  

While none of these benches are a great distance from the main house, they give the illusion of being out in the wilderness and you just happened on a little secret spot that's all your own.

I know over time they will have greenery around them making them look like they've been here forever.  And, being stone, they should last a long, long time.

Last post I wrote about the high temps.  Today I think 108 degrees was the high...  yeah... it's still hot here, but if you get out early, you can walk this trail, enjoy the birds, the deer...  and even sit for a few minutes on one of these benches and get a great start to a new day.

That's All For Today!


  1. Every two steps of mine is exactly five feet. Is two steps considered one pace? That is a lovely "back yard". So perfect, except for the temperature.

  2. I like paths with benches for contemplation. :)

  3. What a great addition, and contribution to her little piece of the world.

  4. These benches show some pride in the property and let people enjoy the area.

  5. Just lovely. I bet those benches will be enjoyed for a long time.

  6. How nice to have those places to rest when walking on a hot, summer day! Stay cool, Sharon!

  7. I like secret spots with rock benches... I don't like 108 degrees... it was 90 here today but the HUMIDITY ... oh, man? steam bath stuff. just zaps my energy. I think I'm going to hibernate until mid September possibly October... go get food and just ... you know I just looked at zaps as I was typing along.

    I had spelled it japs. didn't look right... japs my strength? isn't that a politically incorrect term? so I typed japs in my dictionary thing and sure enough ... yes... Japanese... well? how the hell do you spell zaps?

    Then I thought of the different letters that would make that sound ... Z ... god have mercy on my soul.

    I tell you! please let it be the humidity and not the beginning of the end of my mind as I knew it.. know it

    say good night Gracie...

  8. That's a good place for a walk, and I really like those unique rock benches!

  9. What a great trail. When we had our place in Elgin, TX we had a .5 mile walking trail out through the woods. It was a wonderful way to relax and enjoy the outdoors. No cool benches though!