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Friday, July 25, 2014

Back In Athens....

Bill took me to the airport in Presque Isle, Maine, around 9:00 Wednesday.  I had a 2 hour wait until my flight and most of the passengers didn't arrive until nearly 10:30am.  Guess that being a small airport it isn't necessary to arrive so early.

One thing...  this was the only airport where I had to go through security...  you know...  shoes off etc.  I checked one bag because I had to change planes in Boston and again in Newark before my final destination in Columbus, Ohio.  My bag would have been okay as a carry-on but I was uneasy about trundling it through those large airports.  I had stashed my laptop in the middle of the bag with plenty of cushioning around it.  But when Security went through my bag, they had me remove the laptop's battery and carry it with me in my carry-on bag.  After reading Judy Bell's blog today, I just might think about a smaller device...  sure would save space!

The first leg of the journey was on a prop-plane.  Not sure how many it seated but there was one seat on one side and two seats across the aisle....  maybe 20 rows or so in all.  You walked out on the tarmac to board the plane...  and again, when arriving in Boston, out on to the tarmac to enter the terminal.  But the United Airlines gate wasn't hard to find and wasn't really a long hike getting there.

The view out my window - somewhere in Maine...  after take-off.

I had nearly an hour between flights, which for me, was just about right.

Landing at Newark an hour or so later, I had to take a shuttle to another terminal to board the plane to Columbus.  Bill is usually with me...  doing all the navigating....    but I got to the next terminal with time to spare.   

View of New York City from my window....

The plane was completely booked...  and we all boarded....
And we waited...  
Apparently there were thunderstorms in Pennsylvania and we were to be rerouted.
We waited...  and waited...  and waited....

Finally, an hour after our scheduled take-off, we finally got in the air.

I expected a lot of turbulence, but it wasn't a bad flight at all.  
Except for arriving an hour late at the airport, all was well.
My brother was waiting for me, and we headed to the baggage claim area together.

The first group of luggage started around on the conveyor....   nearly all of it got claimed immediately.  About 20 of us were still waiting...  The second round of luggage started on the conveyor next to us.  Nearly all of that got claimed.  My brother and I were the only ones left in the baggage claim area.  So, off to the little office next door.

Hmmm...  seems my luggage went to Washington...  (DC?  State of?)....  a second check...  nope, it will be in on a later flight.  It's already a couple of hours past the time it should have arrived.  Guess we might as well head the 80 or so miles down the road and have them deliver it tomorrow.

I had planned to stay at my son's house, but since it would be so late when we arrived in Athens, I called him to let him know what was going on and stayed with my brother.   We arrived back at his house around 11pm.

So...  that's how Wednesday went.  Oh yes...  when Bill took me to the airport, we'd stopped at Subway and got a footlong...  I was going to take half and Bill take half.  Just before he left me at the airport, he suggested I take both halves.  I did and was happy to have them....  one in Boston and one in Newark.  Don't I have a generous husband?

Along comes Thursday...  I didn't pack much in my small bag..  just meds, reading material etc...  so was very happy when my bag finally arrived around 1pm yesterday afternoon.  My brother has loaned me his extra car...  I've caught up with my sister...  just on the phone so far as she is ill...  enjoyed some time with my niece and my brother...  and am now at my son's house.

Last night we indulged in Avalanche Pizza....  a local pizza place that has the BEST pizzas ever!

This evening is the first of the weekend get-togethers of my high school class reunion.  

I know a lot of folks never go back, but since ours are only every 5 years, I think they are kinda fun.

I'll let y'all know more later....

That's All For Today!


  1. Not sure I would make a concerted effort to go to my high school reunion, however maybe if it took place while I happened to be back home anyhow then I might go. I'm not in touch with any of them from that time in my life, but I do have a mild curiosity as to how some of them turned out!

  2. I think I'd still take my laptop on a trip like that, but as a carry on. If there isn't any Wifi, I'm sunk with the little one.

  3. Glad you and all the bits and pieces came together in Columbus. Have a wonderful time.

  4. "When you got time to spare, go by air". An old slogan I have heard many times over the years. Glad you made it back home in one piece. Now, I also hope your luggage will show up, too.

  5. Love the cloud picture! I've gone to most of my reunions... if I happen to be fairly close ... sure is fun to see all the old people. each time... I think I got the address wrong and went to a senior citizen's thing...

  6. Glad you arrived safely and made it easily to each boarding area!!! I hate having to find my way around airports.
    That pizza looks delicious!! Have fun!!

  7. Have too much fun at the reunion, I have not been to one in 30 years, and even then everyone else looked so old!

  8. When I flew for a living it was almost comical how often the airlines lost my luggage! Enjoy your trip, it's always good to be "home."

  9. Glad you made it safely. Sounds like it was quite a production. I love the view from a plane. Fun photos.