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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Saturday at the Farmer's Market...

I've written before that Bill & I sold goat cheese and produce at the local Farmer's Market for 18 years.  During that time we saw many changes, but the Athens, Ohio Farmer's Market is still one of the best in the United States and is often written up in national periodicals.  It's been used as a prototype for many other markets  in other areas because of its success.
When we're in Athens we always head to the market on Saturday morning.  Bill stayed in Maine this trip so, Bill...  this blog's for you...  some old friends and familiar places.

Here's the market today...  bustling from 9am until nearly 1pm.

Bill was president of the market when we decided to go RVing nearly 14 years ago...  many of the vendors still sell at the market...
This is Rich...  he sells pork, rabbits (domestic) and eggs.  We always buy his bratwurst when we're in town.  I had to pass this time as I'll be flying back to Maine on Tuesday...  but since Bill wasn't with me, I had to stop by and harass Rich a few minutes.

Another of our favorite vendors is Tom...  he makes and sells Tex/Mex Salsa.  It sells for $5.00 a jar, or 5 jars for $20.....  mix and match.  We always pick up several jars to take on the road.  Delicious!

Long-time friend and the supplier of Bill's favorite "melrose" apple, this is John.  

Rich Tomsu specializes in a multitude of varieties of lettuces, spinach and garlics.  He and his wife, Ann Fugate have been with the market for many, many years.

This is Margie Shew.  She and Pete raise sheep and sell the meat, as well as the wool.  They also sell jams, jellies, honey and other products.  Pete does the Wednesday market so he isn't there on Saturdays.

Our friend, Roger Graves, sells vegetables.  In early spring he sells bedding plants for your garden.  Those look like cantaloupe in the background.  Since we're in Maine for the summer, we've adapted to the fruits and vegetables available there....  so it was a treat to see the large varieties.

Ed Perkins and his wife, Amy Abercrombie sell fruits, herbs and vegetables grown on their Sassafras Farm.  Another fixture at the market, you'll find them there every Saturday.

Okay...  Eric isn't a vendor...  but another long-time friend.  He and his wife, Saffron travel the world... often South or Central America, but usually India...  buying things to sell on college campuses in the USA.  It was neat running into Eric because he's often off in another part of the world.

I have no idea who this guy is...  his booth sells compost by the bucket.  But I had to take this photo for my blogging friend Judy Bell.  Can you read his tee-shirt?  Says...  "Cool Beans"...  with lots of cool beans having a good time.  Anyone who reads Judy's blog knows Cool Beans.

So...  my hour or so at the market was so much fun...  catching up with old friends and old times....  cool beans!

That's All For Today!


  1. Hi Sharon:
    I've not been reading posts very much this summer but caught this one and loved it. Farmers Markets are always fun; but when you know this many vendors and visitors, it has to be a real treat. Thanks for sharing and if /when I get to Athens, Ohio, I hope I remember to check this post so I can have instant 'friends of Sharon and Bill!'

  2. A perfect Saturday. I hope you are taking one of those cantaloupe back to Maine, in your tummy.

  3. Love farmer's markets, wherever we can find them. Always fun exploring and checking out different items.

  4. Cool Beans has got to be better than a bucket of manure! ;)

  5. That looks like fun... even if shopping for produce and meat is, in my book, cooking!

  6. Love it!!! You have me adding this wonderful market to our "to see and experience" list. In this case I might add "to see, experience and buy" list.