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Sunday, July 20, 2014

My First Born....

Today, July 20th, is my son's 52nd birthday.  He's a "Wednesday's Child".....  do you know that old rhyme?  Well, Wednesday's child is full of woe....

I've always felt kinda bad about that...  he was due July 17th ,a Monday...  Monday's child is "fair of face".   So while he was supposed to have that attribute, he was indeed a beautiful baby and to this day is a beautiful person.  I am so happy he is my son and that smile he had at 4 months old is still as lovely as it was all those years ago.

Our kids (including my step-daughters) live all over the USA... including the grandchildren, they live in California, Texas, Arizona, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and New York (have I missed anyone?)....  but recently my daughter who lives in New York visited Ohio and stayed with her brother.

Danny and Donna
Donna is just 15 months younger than her big brother.  But after (her first degree) in college she married and her husband was military...  so the next 20 years were spent in various countries as well as the USA.  But this photo was taken just a couple of weeks ago...  in Ohio...  and they had the chance to get together.  I just wish I had been there....

As it happens, my 55th high school reunion is next weekend.  I figured out the logistics...  and decided just to splurge and fly out of Presque Isle, Maine...  down to Boston...  on to JFK in New York, and on to Columbus, Ohio.  My brother will pick me up at that airport and cart me on down to SE Ohio where I'll stay a few days with my son, visit with my brother and sister (and, of course my son)...  and catch up with whoever of the 100 classmates graduating class of 1959 haven't passed on or who have chosen to attend our 55 reunion.....  

So, Danny, I won't see you on your 52nd birthday, but...  Mom being Mom....  I WILL appear on your doorstep very soon.  

Bill is staying here in Maine.  He has spoiled me so much in our years together that even getting through those huge airports is kind of intimidating to me these days.  But... I am SO looking forward to those few days with my son and my family that it will be okay.....  I'll manage.

See you soon, my loved ones...  see you soon.

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  1. Sound like a perfect excuse for a fun getaway. Enjoy you time there.

  2. Good for you, sometimes you just have to go visit family--I did that back in June and had a marvelous time! I've certainly enjoyed having my Mom here even if she is a little banged up from the accident!

  3. Good morning ... loved reading this, Sharon ~ love Danny's baby picture ... haaa little ol thing and seeing him all grown up with his sister. If I live long enough to see my son be 52 ~ I'll be 94... dang almighty... 94

    ... 55 years ~ didn't realize you were older than I... I graduated in 1961 and look how active you are. I think I'm ashamed of myself ...

    I went to my 50th ~ peculiar to see the tributes to the ones who died. Always remembered them young and ... now they're dead? no way BUT the remainder of us ... there were 300 I think in my class ~ we had a fine time... ;)

  4. Wow. Going back to a high school reunion has never been terribly high on my "to do" list, and I've been made aware of a couple in the last decade. I'm impressed (I guess that's the word) that you'd fly that far for a reunion. My high school is only a half hour drive away.
    Never been back.

  5. Good for you, and happy birthday to little Danny.
    I can just imagine you at a reunion, laughing with everyone. Enjoy!

  6. Well, happy birthday to your son. Your trip will be worth it. I finished high school in 1957 and there were eight of us.

  7. Happy birthday to your son! I am trying to decide if I want to go the my college 45th reunion, but I am having a hard time working up the necessary enthusiasm to travel to NYC area to see folks for the most part I have not seen in 45 years.

  8. We July babies are just the best. As we get older these reunions seem to be more and more fun. We're already trying to get our 50th planned in three years. You are going to have such a great time with family and classmates.

  9. Good that you will have a grand time with family and your Wednesday's child.

  10. I think its great that you will be able to visit with your son and to attend the reunion.