Along the Natchez Trace

Friday, August 22, 2014

(Almost) On The Road Again...

It's not quite 10:30 and we still have a couple of hours "work" (putting away, etc) to do, but we'll soon be on our way.  Not very far....  two or three hundred miles to Lake Umbagog NWR, which is on the New Hampshire/Maine borders.  
We'll drive just a short distance today as we plan to arrive there on Sunday.

I had been hoping I'd see the big Bull Moose again before we left, and he didn't disappoint me...
Not the greatest photo, but the best shot I could get...
His rack will keep on growing for a couple months, so he'll be quite magnificent when the velvet is gone.

Not to be outdone...
 I came across Mama Moose and her calf...
They were browsing near the side road where Bill has spent so many hours this summer.

It's been a couple of days since I've seen a bear...  guess they didn't want to say goodbye.

Of course I had to pay a "last time" visit to the photo blind...  I almost missed seeing this guy...

I think this is a juvenile Red-shouldered Hawk, but Mark or Judy will know for sure. 

I wrote that Bill will be working on a project at Lake Umbagog NWR, but they are putting us up at Lake Umbagog State Park, as I'm not sure they have RV facilities at the refuge.  This is a job requiring heavy equipment operators, so I may have all next week to explore the area on my own.  I have no idea about internet or phone service...  guess we'll find out when we get there.  

Today we'll stop and get propane, then do some grocery shopping...  probably stay in either Presque Isle or Houlton...  then head on to Bangor tomorrow...  and on west.  The terrain will change...  no more potato fields...  the mountains will start and the roads will get curvier.  It's always kinda sad to leave this place....
I'd have to stop and figure out the total time we've lived here over the years, but together, Bill & I have worked nearly 7,000 hours.  It's no wonder we feel such an attachment!
But it's time to start a new adventure.....

The End

That's All For Today!


  1. Hi Sharon-

    Your bird looks like a Merlin to me. It is hard to judge size, but was it a little larger than a Kestrel?


  2. Love the pics of the moose, have not seen any live ones since a mama had a run in with our car years ago.

  3. I remember a lovely tea shop in Bangor. I once sat across the desk from a very young banker, changing my IRA. So handsome, so sweet, so young. "Where you from?" I asked. "Bangor, Main." And there he was in Hudson, Ohio. He could not believe I enjoyed Bangor so much I could describe it to him. A couple years later someone else was at his desk and the manager would not tell me were he went, only, after much prying, he had a better offer. Good for him. Good for Bangor.

  4. I agree with the merlin verdict.

  5. I think that's a great collection of "The End" photos for your blog! ;c)

  6. Moose are spectacular animals. I saw my first one in the wild this summer, but have yet to see a bear.