Along the Natchez Trace

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Time to Wind Down?

The fields we see are now yellow with goldenrod...  I see turtlehead, asters, fields of Queen Anne's Lace and pearly everlasting..
Pearly Everlasting

 While it looks like the beaver ponds lose inches of water everyday, it's still damp enough that we have an abundance of...
 Mushrooms and other fungi.

The fall warblers have arrived.  Bill Sheehan had an all-day birding tour last weekend.  I didn't have the opportunity to go on the tour, but still enjoy the birds that come to my bird feeders. 

 American Goldfinch

 We have a lot of spruce and balsam firs, and we also have hardwoods...  maples and the such.
Some of the leaves are already starting to turn.  

I'd written recently about invasive species and the dastardly Spotted Knapweed.  The blossoms are about gone now, so next week a biologist will be coming from Moosehorn NWR to spray the worst section.  Hopefully we'll get that under control.

Last week a fellow from the State Conservation office spent a couple of days doing surveys of rare or endangered plants that grow here on the refuge.  While roaming around, he also noted another invasive species...
 A strain of honeysuckle that would love to take over...
Since he showed me this bush, I've noted several other locations where it is getting established.  It may be too late this year to get aggressive about control but we will do our best.

I'm starting to see more wildlife now...
Looks like this cow has an injury or some kind of problem with her back leg.  Hope it's not infected.

I haven't seen the big Bull Moose lately...  hope I do soon.

That's All For Today!


  1. Fall is in the air soon you will be back on the road heading south and west as we will be too.

  2. I've been wondering about you since you haven't stopped by my blog lately! LOL Nice to see your post show up on my reading list this morning. I like the shots of the various mushrooms, and the Moose too of course!

  3. Hard to believe that summer is almost over, but I'm seeing signs of change as well.

  4. I saw some turning leaves the other day. Just like that; summer is winding down.

  5. I noticed the moose's rear leg and then you confirmed my thoughts in the next sentence. Still hot and humid here in East Texas. How soon will it start to cool off up your way? Like you said, some trees are already starting to change colors.

  6. Those fungi sure look interesting, but do not think I would eat any of them:)

  7. It was 35 degrees this morning here in upper Michigan. Feeling like Fall is an understatement.

  8. It is so interesting to watch the changing of the seasons...animals as well as nature. Thanks for sharing!!