Along the Natchez Trace

Friday, August 15, 2014

Not "Just Another Tour".....

A lady stopped by a week or so ago and asked if she could arrange an early morning tour...  her doctor wanted to see a moose.   Bill & I love giving tours, but told her that there weren't any guarantees on seeing a moose, or any wildlife for that matter.  We set the tour for 5 am last Sunday morning

  As often happens, what she told us and what the folks wanted were very different.  The woman, her husband and the 2 men (both doctors, I think) arrived about 4:45 am....  we met them at the gate and the men got in the truck with me and Bill...  the lady and her husband followed behind.  I should mention here that the men took 2 trips loading their photography equipment into the truck.  

The First Stop on Our Tour...

Bill & I had planned a drive that would wind through the areas most likely to see a moose.  We figured that an hour and a half would about exhaust those possibilities.  Our first stop was at Bucky Beaver Pond.  No moose... but some kingfishers, some great shadows on the water...  Out came the tripods...  out came the cameras and other equipment.  A half hour later the guys had shot dozens of photos...  and we moved on.

Any Second Now...  the Sun Will Emerge...

Okay...  I'm getting the idea...  they're into the photography possibilities.  The sun is about to rise and I know just the spot where we'll see it pop over the treetops.  We didn't see any moose there either, but Bill did spot a bear that ran away.  

Another half hour or so...  nice sunrise...  many more photos.

Setting up for the Perfect Shot....

I noticed that the woman and her husband were dressed for church...  of course I asked about that...  she said they had to leave the refuge by 9:15 am in order to get to church on time.  

While we'd never discussed the length of the tour, I knew that we didn't have time to stay out that long.  By 7:30 we had stopped at quite a few places....  the guys had set up lots of photo shots and it was time to head back to the main gate.

I think they all were satisfied with their tour...  they didn't seem at all disappointed in the lack of seeing the big critters.  

We were out going on 3 hours in all...  
the guys were already making plans to come back at another time...  probably on their bicycles next time.

They were introduced to an area they weren't familiar with; Bill & I got to show off this lovely refuge and the lady who made the arrangements was happy that her doctor had a great time.  

There is no such thing as "just another tour".

That's All For Today!


  1. Very kind of you both to be so patient and allow them so much time!

  2. I guess for you and Bill, giving tours of the park is like showing someone your own home that you truly love.

  3. The best tours are with folks who really want to be there.

  4. Cameras should come with built in, drop down, self stabilizing tripods that set up in ten seconds or less. Yes, that's what cameras should come with.