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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Another Quiet Week....

We don't leave for Japan for 11 more days - I have my list of "to do"s but most don't need done for a week or so....  Bill got the rig all put back together...  he ordered the new Bilstein shocks and  has already installed them.  We bought the rig new from Lazy Daze in 2001...  supposedly the shocks were under warranty for life.. as long as the original owner still owns it.  A call to Lazy Daze..  actually 2 calls...  Bill quotes from the original invoice (which we carry with us)...  they pass the buck..  say to call Bilstein.  A call to Bilstein...  they say nope..  it's the maker of the motorhome's responsibility.  Whatever...  some battles just aren't worth the hassle.  We have a limited amount of time to get this stuff done and some things you just do.

We keep busy...  Bill moved THE chicken house to a different place on the property last week...
He had to take the attached "chicken run" off and flip up the side panels....  then attach the hitch...  and away it went....
He modified the original design making the attaching procedure much easier.  
After he got it set up again he lured the chickens (and guineas) into the pen with some cracked corn so they'd know where it's now located.  Didn't take long... all three hens laid their eggs in the nesting boxes right away.  

One of my favorite foods is bacon wrapped shrimp.
The H.E.B. (grocery) here sells the best bacon....  
they have at least 2 different types...  bacon encrusted with black pepper...  and my favorite, bacon coated with a Hatch (green chile) seasoning.  It's the Hatch bacon I used this time...  delicious!

Since I got my Kindle I seldom buy "real" books these days.  But I recently read a review (The Walrus Says) of this book and just had to have a hard copy...
It's kind of slow reading for me...  a whole lot to digest... but it sure gives perspective to some of the immigration/racial problems prevalent today.

Now...  for any geocachers out there...
Today is Earthcache Day!  You can get a souvenir (kind of a stamp on your geocache page) if you post an Earthcache today...
It's been about a month since this day was announced so I had plenty of time to plan ahead.
As it happens, there is an earthcache at "Big Rocks" park, about 5 miles down the road in Glen Rose.  Earthcaches don't have anything physically hidden... they require you do some research about the area usually having to do with the geology or physical makeup of an area.  These are huge limestone rocks...  in an area that was once inhabited by dinosaurs.  There are fossils embedded in the rocks here which makes for both an interesting geology and history lesson.  
Of course I wanted that souvenir and that was on my "must do" list for today.

I never did get any interior photos of our daughter's 5th wheel...  it is now parked over at Sweetwater where Victor is working and probably won't be back here until Christmas.  In answer to some comments...  I believe it is 42' long.  Also, he'll probably get a truck with dual rear wheels soon, but for now, while he doesn't plan on travelling in the mountains or other treacherous roads, he had airbags installed to help stabilize it.  

We did get 1.75" of rain a couple of nights ago...  a very welcome rain...  this area just needs a lot more.

As you can see, it's been another quiet week.
That's All For Today!


  1. I wonder if vegetarians question their commitment when they smell bacon?

    1. No. I am vegan. The smell makes me sick and I think of the pig that lost its life. (I did eat bacon for the first 45 years of my life, I got over it.) I will now get off my soapbox.

  2. So, not only do you and Bill have an RV, so do your chickens. It just gets towed to another location just like full size RVs. . . Luck chickens. Great that you could find another geo-cache.

  3. How do you get the bacon done without overcooking the shrimp?

  4. I'm the pepper bacon person. I like Dizzy's comment about the chicken RV.

  5. It's always nice to have some quiet time. You must be getting excited about your trip to Japan!

  6. Love that Bog Rocks Park always seems so mystical.

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  8. Japan?? Wow - you two are always on to a new adventure. I wish you Happy and Safe Travels! Love that moving chicken coop! lol

  9. Bacon wrapped BIlsteins anyone? It would make getting hosed on the warranty more easy to swallow... :cD