Along the Natchez Trace

Thursday, October 2, 2014

A Round Toit...

About a hundred years ago, when I first met Bill, he had a round disc-like thing hanging on a wall in his office.  It was a "toit".  What the heck?  

He explained....  one of his daughters had made it and given it to him.  I don't know whether it was Michelle or Celeste, but it kinda sounds like a "Michelle" thing.

I never took a photo of it...  don't know if I even had a camera way back then...  but of course I had to ask...  So, Bill, what's a "toit"?  Of course by now, y'all have caught on (I was kinda slow back then)....  and sometimes when I get all wrapped up in something and I forget that I have the same 24 hours as everyone else on this earth, I don't do what I started out the day to do.

Today...  I didn't get "a round toit" to cleaning the windows.  But as I write, we are FINALLY getting some rain... great big drops and close together.  So...  I'm kinda glad I didn't clean the windows.

I didn't get "a round toit" ...  my 10,000 steps.  Darn!  My pedometer records less than 2,000 steps.  I was SURE I walked more than that!  I even found 3 geocaches today.  

Even more important was the darned shaking steering wheel....  After towing the car the 2,000 or miles so back from Maine, I noticed that the steering wheel did a spastic dance when I'd get up to 60 MPH.  Here, the speed limit is usually 70 and often 75 mph.  Yesterday I took the Scion to Discount Tire to get it balanced...  HAH!  Balanced, my foot!  I barely had enough rubber on the tires to keep it on the pavement.  Seems the steel belts were showing through the front tires and the back tires weren't much better.  These tires are about 2 years old and I'm one of those folks that expect a lot more life out of everything.  But...  at 8am I was back up for my appt to get 4 new tires.  Can you believe that by 8:30 am, I had all 4 new tires...  balanced and whatever they do...  and was on the road headed home.  Those folks sure do have their "round toit"s together!

I stopped at the UPS place on my way home.  The Gingher scissors I bought probably 30 years ago need sharpening...  and probably a new screw to hold them together.  Another little "round toit" that I've been neglecting for a LONG time.  Hey, I still have the original box they came in...  Okay, so they're dressmaking scissors and I quit making (or wearing) dresses many years ago.  Those wonderful scissors can cut up clams, they can mince herbs, they can cut off loose threads...  Hey... those have been my mainstay scissors for SO long.  About time I got "around toit" to renovate them and make them like new again.  So... off they went to North Carolina for an overhaul.

I've been knitting a sweater for my great-granddaughter, but for some reason just can't stay with it.  So....  today...  I needed a "round toit"...  but it just didn't happen.

Bill & I have been retired nearly 20 years now (retiring at 55 DOES have advantages)....  so after all these years we both recognize what's important to get done...  and what can wait until we get a "round toit".

And one other thing... I betcha that Bill still has that "round toit" in a bin that's stored in Ohio.  Maybe one of these days we'll get a "round toit" and clean that storage shed out.

That's All For Today!


  1. I am starting to run out of my round tuits. I got to get a bunch more before I run out, otherwise I will not be able to put off things until I can get around tuit. Love your post today.

  2. I used to have a wooden nickle that actually was a round toit. A fellow at work gave it to me, thirty or forty years ago. I wonder who I gave it to.

  3. I had to read half the post before I caught on to round toit.

  4. There's lots around here that hasn't been gotten toit!!

  5. We also had a "round Toit" many years ago, give to me from my aunt. Not sure where it went so not we can't put things off, we just have to get around toit.

  6. I used to have a pot holder (hot pad) that was a round toit. It does feel good to get some things checked off your roundtoit list!

  7. I didn't get the "round toit"at first either. Here I thought it was French. Oy.
    When it comes to trying to get things done, I get around toit whenever I get around toit.

  8. Hmm... a hundred years ago there might not even have been cameras least not for everyone. But a round toit....maybe, just maybe.