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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Kinda Quiet...

Life has been pretty quiet for me and Bill.  We both got our flu shots last week, and yesterday we both got pneumonia shots.  The flu shots were painless...  but those pneumonia shots hurt like the devil.  Not too painful actually getting it, but the next 24 hours have been sore and achy.  We're told we need pneumonia shots only once every 10 years, so I guess we can put up with the discomfort.

I got the stitches out of my knee yesterday...  seems there were 6 stitches, not 5 as I'd thought.  One was pretty deeply embedded.  Now I have a bunch of steri-strips holding the gap together.  Actually a lot of it has healed, but it still has a way to go.  The nurse kept telling me I was going to have a scar...  like I care?  Compared to my son and all his stitches and scars my skin is pristine ;-)  One of us has lived a rougher life, huh?

I did find a new use for "Press N Seal"....  this morning I wrapped some a few times around my knee and was able to take a shower....  the nurse suggested Saran Wrap but guess I don't have any.  Whatever...  Press N Seal works just fine.

 The big news is this...
Look at what our daughter and son-in-law just got!
Victor is in the oil and gas field and often works away from home.  Celeste recently quit her job so that she could travel some with him.  They bought this 5th wheel/toy hauler to make those times away from home more comfortable.  I'll probably post more on this later, but this rig is quite luxurious...  a fireplace, 3 TVs, and I'm not sure what all.  As I write, they are somewhere near Abilene, TX getting acquainted with the RV way of life.

Now... for the highlight of the day...
 Bill & I saw this truck when we were in Granbury today...  
It reads...
Wife Wanted...  Old Hippie Seeks virgin, redhead doctor over 17 ... OBO (or best offer?)
?'s... call J.C. 817-573-4140      No computer No Cell  No Call ID etc.  Take a Chance!
The War on Poverty is (the) only good war

I peeked over to see the driver when we were stopped at the red light...   I believe the driver had fairly long hair... maybe an earring, couldn't tell for sure...  and looked the part.  I giggled all the way home....  I have read that outdoor advertising is the way to get results....  hmmmmm.....  
Now...  y'all let me know if any of you out there answer this guy.

I guess when life is quiet you make the best with what you got.

That's All For Today!


  1. I'm not a redhead, virgin or doctor. Guess that leaves me out. :O

  2. Wow, that 5th wheel looks huge....they could probably use a dually pickup to pull it for proper weight distribution. The RV Dreams blog was just talking about that a few days ago after they weighed a bunch of rigs.

  3. Must be Texas; wishing him success, if he's worth it.

  4. He's not real picky is he? Young, a doctor, plus redhead. One day maybe he'll find a match. I doubt it. Red hair grows old and gray like all colors. 17 year olds turn into 40 year olds and so forth and I bet he's saggy and old already. Oh well. People can dream.

    Scars are awesome.

  5. OH NO! I put press-n-seal on my arm once and it took off some skin when I pulled it off. Hope you get it off without any problems.
    That is a big trailer! I hope we get to see some inside photos.
    I hope that guy does the women of the world a favor and stays single.

  6. Love your header picture! and what a great bit of philosophy that sign imparts! and oooohh what a gorgeous RV! a fireplace? whoa THREE TV’s….. now that’s roughing it in style

    HAHAaaaaa love the truck ~ and ouch! on your knee! press n seal .. you’re a genius …

  7. I wandered over here from Dizzy Dick's. Never thought I'd see so much wildlife or hear about walking from someone whose had knee surgery. You go girl.