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Thursday, June 4, 2015

A Bull and Bear Day...

Nope...  not the stock market.  I leave that up to Bill.  Yesterday I had multiple sightings of both moose and bear....  The weather was still yukky and we were scheduled to take a high school class on a tour at 12:30.  So I was out and about a little more than usual.

Saw this guy as I was heading home.  He's the young bull I see a lot...  antlers have a long way to grow.  This is the old maintenance shop, and it's where we are parked when we volunteer here.
That's our motorhome in front of the shop.  There are 2 RV sites up at the new maintenance shop (2 miles up the road) but this is the place both Bill & I love and as long as there is electricity and a dump site, this will be home.  

Just before I saw that bull, I'd come across this...
I haven't gotten a good shot of a bear standing up...  which they do when they're curious and want to check me out.  As you can tell, I love seeing all the critters that live here.

Not all are big and furry....  
While I was waiting for the school bus to bring our tour, I took a look around the area to see what they might see.  This Red-breasted Nuthatch tried real hard to be elusive...  so I didn't get a very good shot of it.

What kind of flycatcher is this?
I think I know.  Remember, we are in the very northern part of Maine, so there are limitations of what it is.  

As it happened, the school buses blew through the gates without stopping at the Visitor Center.  So while Bill & I waited to take them on a tour, they chose to go on their own.  We didn't even know they were around until....
Around 2pm I was driving around the bunkers and came across this bus.  Hmmmm...  the teacher said the other buses didn't know they were supposed to stop at the VC...  and they had already taken the tour on their own.  So much for that tour....  

We do have another tour at 8:30 today...  the gate is closed to avoid any miscommunications today.

The End!

That's All For Today!


  1. Gotta love viewing the wildlife in Maine we were there many years ago such beautiful countryside.
    Too bad about your tours.

  2. Great pictures, as usual. I really like your "the end" pictures. You have a great sense of humor.

  3. I would not hazard a guess on the flycatcher unless it was singing. What did it say? :)

  4. Nice moose butt photo to end it! Now I'll be thinking of that all day!.

  5. I'll hazard a guess and say Least Flycatcher, though I'm with Judy in that I'd sure like to hear it sing before I try an positive ID.