Along the Natchez Trace

Monday, June 29, 2015

Play Misty For Me....

Nope, not a Clint Eastwood movie here...  just this crappy weather.  Yesterday was cloudy and cool.  (for me this means cold).  It never did warm up...  the sun never did shine.  It even sprinkled a little in the evening.

This morning we woke up to overcast skies and a heavy mist...
Standing in front of our motorhome I'm looking up at the fields where the Upland Sandpipers nest.  That tall spruce is a favorite perching place for the sandpipers...  they can look out over the whole area.  

Still in front of the rig, but looking west, towards the Delima Pond....  

And looking south, up the main road leading from the Visitor Center and Maintenance Shop down to where we're parked, beside the old maintenance shop.  Those barricades leaning against that sign post are from the bird festival earlier in the month.  

Overcast and misty rain...  and, did I mention 53 degrees?
We really need more sunshine if my tomato plants are ever going to produce this summer...
There are a few jaw-breaker size tomatoes on a couple of the plants, but they have a long way to go to being red, juicy, mouth-watering tomatoes.  On the right side is my flat of spinach, cilantro and basil.  We've picked lots of spinach and the cilantro is about ready to go into a batch of Pico de Gallo...  but that basil just isn't growing much.  My plans for pesto may be too optimistic.

Enough of the dull and dreary...
A young Bull Moose
Caught on my game camera last night.  I see the date is wrong...  just something else I need to take care of.

The mist turned to a downpour on my way up to the shop...  then back to sprinkles.   If I were like my friend Mitchell who lives in Spain, I'd link y'all to Johnny Mathis singing "Misty"...  but I don't know how to do that.

That's All for Today!


  1. Your weather seems typically British autumn. We on the other hand are promised a heatwave to 33c this week. I'm wearing bare legs to the office first time this year

  2. Too bad about that weather hope it warms up soon for you.

  3. Days and days of fog and cold temperatures are starting to become too much for me on the Oregon coast. I've heard they don't even try to grow tomatoes here. :(

  4. Your weather makes me shiver. So does mine, so stay prepared for another day, at least.

  5. It's like winter there, you'll have to find summer in the winter, elsewhere, south of the equator maybe? Or you'll go nuts minus the sun too long, I fear. Just being dramatic. We get used to gray dreariness and constant drizzle for nine months usually here in Oregon, although last winter was quite different, even balmy, which threw us all off, so we don't know what to think or feel or how to complain properly.

  6. I'm sitting here singing the song myself. I'd be happy to make a video and send it to you. Well... no I wouldn't.

  7. We have GOT to figure out a way to share our weather. We are sitting in record heat in northern Idaho right now, and we need rain. Send us some of yours and we'll send you about 20 degrees of warmth!! Deal??

  8. That's Maine for you!!! Our tomato plant has had a hard time of it too!!! First off, we traveled with it from Kansas (in and and out), plus the cold weather when we first got here. Every night it gets down in the 50's and 60's, BUT we have eaten four very nice and tasty ones so far with another 15 in the process of maturity.