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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Way To Go, Evie!

A year ago this past April our daughter Donna, who lives in the Hudson Valley of New York, began running.  She had a goal...  she wanted to run a marathon.  Since that time she has run several 5K's and recently ran a half marathon (13 miles).

Our granddaughter, Heather, and Heather's daughter, Evie live at home, so Evie is very much involved in everything that happens.  She watched her Grandma (our daughter) run those 5K's...  and sometimes she'd go to the running track when Donna was training.

She told Donna that she wanted to run a marathon.  

Evie is only 3 years old, but she's a happy, healthy kid and knows her own mind.  Last weekend the town where they live had a running event.  There were several different kinds of races a person could enter.

Evie ran the half mile event.
She finished....  she had earned her medal!

That's Evie receiving her medal.  That's our daughter Donna on the right.  She's one proud grandmother, and very rightly so.  

I wish I'd been there to cheer them on.

Way to Go, Evie and Donna!

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  1. Two more generations (not counting the one in the middle) of amazing women!

  2. What a fun family time, would have been nice if you could have been there.

  3. Have I ever mentioned how pleased and excited I am by all the strong women in the world? Way to go, Evie!

  4. Fortitude obviously runs in the family!

  5. Thanks, Mom!! Guess where we get our inspiration from... some hints... she raised two kids whose names start with D... she retired from a wonderful career at O'Bleness Hospital, she farmed and worked full time for many years, she always kept a positive outlook on life no matter what trials came her way... she loves her family more than life itself, and inspires us every day! Love you, Mom!